51 Cute Bullet Journal Ideas For Beginners

Bullet journaling is a great way to stay organized, but where do you start? This blog post features 51 cute and easy bullet journal ideas for beginners so that you can get creative and make a unique journal of your own. Whether it’s tracking your habits or designing dream boards, these cute bullet journal ideas will help you hit the ground running when creating your planner.

51 Cute Bullet Journal Ideas for Beginners

Here is a list of cute and simple bullet journal ideas for beginners:

1. Habit trackers: Keep track of how often you practice certain habits, like exercising or eating healthy.


2. Art journaling: Draw and paint in your bullet journal to express yourself and unleash your creativity!


3. Vision boards: Cut out magazine clippings and create a vision board of things that inspire you.


4. Budget tracking sheets: Stay on top of your finances by creating budget tracking sheets in your planner.


5. Recipes: Keep recipes organized by writing them in your minimal bullet journal for easy access when cooking.


6. To-do lists: Make daily or weekly to-do lists to stay on task and accomplish everything on time!


7. Gratitude log: Write down things you’re grateful for to help boost your mood and stay positive.


8. Crafting ideas: Plan out crafts and DIY projects that you want to make in the future.


9. Mood trackers: Monitor your emotions throughout the day so that you can notice patterns and better understand yourself.


10. Travel planning spreadsheets: Track travel plans, accommodation, budgeting, and more all in one place!


11. Book or movie reviews: Enjoy keeping up with your favorite books and movies by writing reviews in your journal.


12. Wellness checklist: Stay on top of your physical health with daily or weekly checklists of healthy habits such as drinking water or taking vitamins.


13. Goal-setting trackers: Write down your goals and break them into smaller tasks that you can work on.


14. Workout plans: Balance out your week by planning out what type of exercises you’ll do each day.


15. Instagram or Pinterest boards: Set up visual boards in your journal to help organize all the ideas for posts or creative projects.


16. Calendar spreadsheets: Use colorful calendars to plan events, keep track of holidays, and more!


17. Shopping lists: Plan out all the items you need to buy with shopping list spreads in your bullet journal.


18. Brain dump pages: When feeling overwhelmed, write down everything that’s running through your mind to clear your headspace and stay relaxed.


19. Time trackers: Monitor how you’re spending your time each day to ensure that you’re staying productive.


20. Mood boosters: Create a list of things that make you feel happy and calm so that when feeling low, you can quickly refer back to them for some extra motivation.


21. Meal planners: Map out what meals you plan to eat for the week with this helpful spread in your bullet journal!

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22. Hobbies checklists: Make sure you’re making time for yourself by creating a checklist of hobbies such as reading or gardening that you want to do each week.


23. Event planning sheets: Perfect for organizing big events like weddings or birthday parties, these handy planning sheets help you get everything in order.


24. Studies notes: Keep track of what you learn in classes and lectures by writing down your notes in a dedicated bullet journal spread!


25. Monthly overviews: Review the past month and see what worked well and what didn’t with monthly overview spreads!


26. Fun facts: Write down interesting facts that you learn to keep your brain engaged and grow your knowledge base.


27. Chore charts: Create an organized chart for assigning household chores among family members to keep things running smoothly at home.


28. Productivity logs: Track how productive you are each day with this helpful spread to monitor your progress throughout the week.


29. Dream journals: Jot down your thoughts and feelings about your dreams to better understand yourself and get insight into the future.


30. Morning routine checklists: Start each day on a positive note with this checklist of tasks you want to complete before starting work or school!


31. Quote collections: Write down inspiring quotes that motivate you so that when feeling unmotivated, you can look back at these words for encouragement.


32. Memory logs: Record memorable moments throughout the year in a dedicated spread in your minimalist bullet journal so that you can look back on all the good times later!


33. Holiday planners: Make sure all the details are taken care of with holiday plans, from gift shopping to making travel arrangements.


34. Weight loss tracker: Record your weight loss progress to stay motivated and reach your goals!


35. Water intake charts: Monitor how much water you’re drinking each day with this helpful chart in your bullet journal.


36. Grades spreadsheets: Keep up with schoolwork by tracking your grades overtime on a dedicated spreadsheet in your planner.


37. Project trackers: Stick to deadlines and complete projects on time with project tracker spreads that keep you up to date with due dates and progress reports!


38. Shopping reminders: Write down items or brands that you want to purchase so that when shopping, you don’t forget anything important!


39. Fitness logs: Log your workouts to stay on track with your fitness goals and monitor progress.


40. Health tracker sheets: Record medical appointments, medications, and other health-related details all in one place!


41. Organization checklists: Prioritize tasks and keep everything organized with a checklist of items to do each day or week.


42. Tracking journals: Track daily habits like sleep, meals, moods, etc., to better understand yourself and recognize patterns in the way you think or act.


43. Reading lists: Jot down books that you want to read later so that you don’t forget about them.

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44. Budgeting and finance spreadsheets: Manage finances better with budgeting tracks so that you can stay on top of your money.


45. Self-care plans: Take care of yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically with weekly self-care plans to incorporate into your routine.


46. Skincare routines: Create a daily routine to take care of your skin with skincare trackers for a glowing complexion.


47. Contacts lists: Keep track of important contacts by jotting down names, numbers, emails, etc., all in one place.


48. Reflection pages: Reflect on the day and write down thoughts or feelings to better understand yourself and practice self-awareness.


49. Goal progress graphs: Visualize your goals with progress graphs that show how far you’ve come and what still needs to be done.


50. Affiliate links boards: Keep track of affiliate links that you want to promote so that when it’s time to post, you don’t forget anything!


51. Resolutions lists: Set goals for yourself each year or month and track your progress with this helpful spread!




How Beginners Can Set Up Cute Bullet Journals?


Start with a notebook

Choose a notebook that’s the right size and has enough pages for you to write in. Go for something fun, like one with polka dots or a bright color.


Choose your favorite pens and markers

To make your journal look cute, find some writing utensils that you love. When you use good-quality pens and markers, it adds an extra layer of creativity to your bullet journaling journey!


Decide how you want to organize

You can decide what type of layout and organization works best for you, whether it’s chronological, monthly spreads, or lists by topic. Take time to figure out which style suits your needs best before getting started.


Set up a key

Having a bullet journal key setup will help you quickly reference different symbols and abbreviations that you use in your journal. This adds uniformity to the pages and makes it easier for you to keep track of what each symbol means.



Make your journal pretty and unique with colors, patterns, stickers, or washi tape! Have fun expressing yourself through the layout of your simple bullet journal, you can even add drawings or printable bullet journal pages if you want something extra cute.


Begin writing

Once everything is ready, start writing down ideas, goals, and tasks as needed. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes; part of the journey is learning from them and trying again until things look perfect.


Review periodically

Take time to review what you’ve written and see if any changes need to be made. This will help ensure that everything stays organized and efficient for when it comes time to use your journal.


Make it practical

Track habits like exercise and eating healthy, or use your journal as an agenda for meetings, work tasks, and errands. Set up reminders so you don’t forget important dates!

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Have fun with it

Above all else, make sure to have fun with your bullet journaling journey, it should be something enjoyable that inspires you to do better every day! Get your creative juices flowing with a bullet journal idea that makes the pages in your journal stand out.


How to Organize Cute Bullet Journal for Beginners?


Create an index

An index serves as a table of contents and helps organize all your spreads in one place, helping you find exactly what you’re looking for quickly and easily.


Select a Theme

Pick out a theme for your bullet journal that will help inspire you as you plan, organize and review your life!


Organize the Pages

Begin by setting up basic pages such as monthly overviews, weekly spreads, and future logs to get an overall view of upcoming events.


Add Different Sections

Divide the pages into different sections, such as habit trackers, to-do lists, meal planners, and goal-setting spreads. Choose only what works best for you!


Trackers & Lists

Add helpful trackers and lists to help keep track of tasks, goals, or even budgeting information.


Decoration & Color Scheme

Use color schemes or accessories such as washi tape or stickers to decorate pages and make them more visually appealing.


Establish Key Symbols

Create symbols such as dots, stars, or boxes to quickly categorize and prioritize tasks at a glance.


Tips for Using Cute Bullet Journal Ideas for Beginners


Start Simple

When beginning your bullet journal, start with simple spreads that are easy to manage and won’t overwhelm you!


Keep it Organized

Stay organized by using page dividers or color coding your pages to make navigating through your planner a breeze.


Set Realistic Goals

Don’t be too ambitious when setting goals for yourself in your bullet journal- set realistic expectations that are achievable and will help you stay motivated.


Get Creative

Let loose and express yourself with fun decorations, stickers, stamps, or anything else that makes your bullet journal eye-catching!


Stick With It

Most importantly, don’t give up on maintaining your journal! It takes a while to get used to the process, but once you’ve got the hang of it you’ll become a bullet journaling pro in no time.


Bottom Line

Using a bullet journal for organization and productivity can be an incredibly helpful tool! By creating cute spreads in your planner and staying committed to maintaining it, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an organizational guru.

Keep these tips and ideas in mind when starting with a bullet journal, and have fun experimenting with different layouts that speak to you. Good luck!



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