101 Journal Prompts For Movies

Movies have been a source of entertainment, conversation, inspiration, and education for decades. They can be a great way to unwind after a long day, save you from stress, explore a different world, and learn about other cultures, stories, and life. But movies can also be an excellent tool for self-reflection, generating ideas, and personal growth. By using creative writing prompts for movies, you can decide to delve deeper into the themes and messages presented in the films and create a connection to your own life experiences. In this article, I have compiled 101 journal writing prompts for movies that you can use to discover your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.


101 Journal Writing Prompts for Movies

Here are 101 journal writing prompts for movies that you can use to explore your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs:

  1. Write the names of your favorite films.
  2. What emotions did your favorite movie evoke in you?
  3. Write your favorite scene from a movie.
  4. How did the film relate to your own life experiences?
  5. Write your favorite genre.
  6. Write the names of the characters did you relate to the most, and why?
  7. Write the names of characters did you dislike, and why?
  8. What is a memorable scene in your favorite movie, and why?
  9. What was the message of your favorite movie?
  10. What was the most crucial lesson you took away from a film?
  11. Who is your favorite movie writer?
  12. Write a significant movie title you love.
  13. Your favorite short films?
  14. What is your favorite movie’s soundtrack?
  15. What were some of the key symbols you found interesting in movies, and what did they represent?
  16. What’s your best movie of all time?
  17. The best short film of all time?
  18. Your favorite protagonist?
  19. Your favorite antagonist?
  20. Your favorite Marvel hero?
  21. Your favorite DC hero?
  22. Your favorite Disney fantasy characters?
  23. What films inspired you positively?
  24. What films impacted you negatively?
  25. How did the movies challenge your beliefs or assumptions?
  26. Who is your favorite cinematographer?
  27. Which film uses lighting to create mood or atmosphere?
  28. What are the most anticipated movie projects of the year?
  29. A film with time travel to the past?
  30. Most suspenseful film?
  31. Write a few words about your most watched film.
  32. Most tragic movie
  33. Most inspiring movie?
  34. What was the most complex form of personality you have seen in the movie?
  35. What was the most predictable movie?
  36. What was your favorite Stephen King horror?
  37. What was the movie with the most memorable line of dialogue?
  38. Which movie has the most visually stunning moment?
  39. Do you have a movie night with your friends?
  40. Most thought-provoking film?
  41. A movie that switches genres in the middle?
  42. What is the most controversial movie?
  43. Favorite romance?
  44. What is the most action-packed movie?
  45. What is the most dramatic movie?
  46. Movie with the most nuanced performance?
  47. Movie with the most stereotypical performance?
  48. Movie set in a small town?
  49. Movie with the most over-the-top performance?
  50. Movie with the best screenplay?
  51. What was the most inspiring message in the movie, and why?
  52. What is the most depressing movie?
  53. Movie with the wrong message?
  54. What is the most disturbing movie?
  55. What movie did you love watching as a kid?
  56. Which movie did you love watching as a student?
  57. What movie do you watch to escape world life?
  58. What is the most political movie?
  59. What is the most spiritual movie?
  60. What is the scary movie?
  61. Favorite fantasy?
  62. Favorite supernatural?
  63. Would you like to have a job in a movie set even if you make little to no money?
  64. What is the most heartbreaking movie?
  65. Who is the most inspiring character in the movie?
  66. Who is the most relatable character in the movie?
  67. Who is the most complex character in the movie?
  68. What movie posters do you have in your room?
  69. Who is the most heroic character in the movie?
  70. Who is the evilest character in the movie, and why?
  71. Favorite Disney movie?
  72. Favorite Marvel movie?
  73. Favorite DC movie?
  74. What is the most disappointing movie
  75. Best film for students?
  76. What is the most frustrating movie?
  77. Most likable character?
  78. Most unlikable character?
  79. Most memorable film character?
  80. Most forgettable character?
  81. What was the worst thing you have seen in a movie?
  82. Most unrealistic movie stories?
  83. Most emotional movie?
  84. Create a short story for a movie about two people who are lost in the middle of nowhere.
  85. What scene from a movie does wish happened to you in real life?
  86. Is the movie you hear good but haven’t seen yet?
  87. Fun movie to watch with best friend or friends?
  88. Movie you love watching at night?
  89. Most beautiful scenes in movies?
  90. Movie about a deserted island?
  91. A movie about city life?
  92. Movie you watched in school?
  93. Movie about a mother and child?
  94. Favorite nature short film?
  95. Favorite educational short film?
  96. Favorite theater play?
  97. The most hated main character?
  98. Movie with the best plot?
  99. Movie with the worst plot?
  100. Movies you watched with teachers and students?
  101. Movie about a best friend?
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How to Use Journal Writing Prompts for Movies Effectively

Before diving into the journal prompts list, let’s discuss how to use them effectively. The following advice will help you get more ideas and the most out of your journaling experience:


Choose a movie that resonates with you.

To get the most out of the journal prompts, it’s essential to choose a movie that speaks to you on some level. It could be a movie that you’ve watched recently or one that you’ve seen multiple times. The key is to select a film you feel connected to and can relate to. Keep eye contact with the screen.

When watching a movie, it’s essential to pay attention to all the subtle details such as body language and facial expressions.


Set aside some quiet time.

Journaling requires focus and concentration, so finding a quiet space to be alone with your thoughts and ideas is essential. This could be a cozy corner in your house, a quiet coffee shop, or a peaceful park bench. Choose a location where you feel comfortable and free from distractions.


Take your time

Journaling is a process; taking your time with it is essential. Don’t rush through the prompts or try to complete them all in one sitting. Instead, take your time to reflect on each prompt and write down your thoughts and feelings thoughtfully and deliberately.


Be honest with yourself.

Journaling is a personal journey, and being honest with yourself throughout the process is essential. Don’t worry about what others think or how your responses might be perceived. Instead, concentrate on being genuine and loyal to your thoughts and feelings. Speak with a current or former teacher, a family member, or a close friend about a movie.

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What is a film prompt?

A film prompt is a question or statement that evokes an emotional response from the audience, inspiring them to take action. It can be used in any type of film, from a documentary to a feature-length movie. They are typically used to introduce topics, such as character development or the story’s overall theme. They can also be used to encourage viewers to reflect on any aspects of the film that resonates with them to foster further discussion and understanding.


What are some fictional writing prompts?

  • Write a story about someone who discovers a long-lost relative living in a faraway city.
  • Invent a character and write a story about their life-changing decision.
  • Create a fantasy world where the laws of nature are reversed.
  • Brainstorm a sci-fi tale that takes place on an alien planet.
  • Imagine a situation where two people’s lives unexpectedly intersect in unexpected ways.
  • Write a horror story about a group of friends who stumble upon an abandoned mansion in the woods.
  • Craft a story about a character who has to choose between two very different paths in life.
  • Describe the events that happen when an ancient artifact is discovered in a forgotten temple.
  • Create a story based around a mysterious figure who seems to appear and disappear at random.
  • Write a story that revolves around the exploration of an uncharted island.


What are some ideas for an action story?

  • Write a story about an ex-soldier who embarks on a mission to take down an international criminal syndicate.
  • Create a story about an undercover agent who has to thwart the plans of a terrorist organization.
  • Invent a street-wise hero who has to save the city from destruction at the hands of an evil mastermind.
  • Write a story about a group of rebels fighting to overthrow an oppressive regime.
  • Craft a story about a race against time as an unlikely hero attempts to avert disaster.
  • Design a story in which two rival gangs fight for control of the city’s underground.
  • Brainstorm a tale in which an experienced warrior must battle supernatural forces to save a kingdom.
  • Write a story about a street racer who competes in an illegal cross-country race to make money and prove their worth.
  • Craft a story about an ordinary person who finds themselves in the middle of an alien invasion with only their wits to defend themselves.
  • Design a story in which a group of vigilantes takes on a powerful crime lord to protect their city.
  • Create a story about an unlikely hero who discovers hidden power and must use it to save the world.
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Movies can be a powerful tool for self-reflection and personal growth. By using creative writing prompts for movies, you can delve deeper into the themes and messages presented in the films and connect them to your own life experiences.

In this article, we have compiled 101 creative writing prompts for movies that you can use to explore your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

Remember to choose a movie that resonates with you, set aside some quiet time, take your time with the writing prompts, and be honest throughout the process. Happy journaling!



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