101 Journal Prompts for Art Journaling

journaling prompts for art journaling

Art journaling is a fantastic way to express yourself and tap into your creativity. It is a safe space to experiment with different mediums, colors, and techniques. Knowing where to begin can occasionally be difficult, particularly if you need more drive. You might need some art journal ideas to start visual journaling. This is where art journal prompts come in handy. With art journaling prompts, you start your art journal and are likely to get your creative juices flowing. In this article, I’ve compiled 101 journal prompts for art journaling to help you get started.


101 Art Journal Prompts

Below is the list of art journal prompts for you to start your own art journal.

  1. Draw your favorite childhood memory.
  2. Illustrate a dream you had last night.
  3. Write your favorite quote on your journal page.
  4. Create a self-portrait.
  5. Draw your favorite animal.
  6. Illustrate a place you’ve always wanted to visit.
  7. Paint a scene from your favorite fairy tale.
  8. Create a collage of one page of your favorite things.
  9. Draw a character from your favorite novel.
  10. Illustrate your favorite song.
  11. Draw a still life of objects on your desk.
  12. Sketch a moment from a film that brought you to tears.
  13. Illustrate a person who inspires you.
  14. Paint your favorite place.
  15. Create a mandala.
  16. Draw your favorite flower.
  17. Write a few words from your favorite poem on your journal page.
  18. What is your favorite color?
  19. Paint your perfect day.
  20. Create a portrait of your pet.
  21. Draw your favorite cartoon character.
  22. Write a few words about your favorite artist.
  23. Write one word about your favorite painting.
  24. Create a painting from your imagination.
  25. Draw a scene from your favorite childhood book.
  26. Write a few creative ideas on your journal page.
  27. Do you use acrylic paint?
  28. Create a portrait of someone you love.
  29. Who is your favorite landscape artist?
  30. What do you like the most about creating art?
  31. Do you think painting and making art is a peaceful process?
  32. When did you start creating art?
  33. Draw your favorite tree.
  34. Do you like washi tape?
  35. Paint a drawing of your favorite animal.
  36. What creative ideas do you want to share with your younger self?
  37. What does your inner critic say about you?
  38. Write about your creative journey.
  39. Draw your favorite fictional character.
  40. Do you create art for yourself or others?
  41. Draw a scene from your favorite comic book.
  42. Where do you get inspiration for creativity?
  43. Draw your favorite tree.
  44. Create a portrait of a friend.
  45. Use book pages to create a collage.
  46. What are your favorite colored pencils?
  47. What new ideas do you want to implement in your everyday life?
  48. Fill a blank page with shapes.
  49. Create a bucket list of great ideas about creativity.
  50. Collage a portrait.
  51. Paint a drawing of your favorite plant.
  52. Fill two blank pages with doodles.
  53. Draw something hope you had in your life.
  54. Illustrate a place where you feel loved.
  55. Paint your favorite piece of jewelry.
  56. Create a drawing of your favorite superhero.
  57. Famous art museum you want to visit.
  58. What is your favorite art museum?
  59. What is your favorite art gallery?
  60. Have you ever visited an art exhibition?
  61. Have you ever participated in an art competition?
  62. Have you ever created an art project?
  63. Paint your favorite bird.
  64. Do you own a copy of any famous painting
  65. What famous paintings do you hope to buy one day?
  66. What sparks your creativity?
  67. Paint your favorite insect.
  68. Create a portrait of your parent.
  69. Draw your favorite beach.
  70. Illustrate a place where you feel calm.
  71. Paint a fun picture of your favorite art.
  72. Create a drawing of your favorite athlete.
  73. Have you ever had an art journal before?
  74. Did you ever have a scrapbook?
  75. What is your favorite type of paintbrush?
  76. What is your favorite type of paint?
  77. Do you own a set of paintbrushes?
  78. What motivated you to draw?
  79. What inspired you to make art?
  80. Do you have a scheduled time for creative work?
  81. Did you enjoy attending art class?
  82. Did you ever attend an online art class?
  83. Can you draw something you see around you at the moment?
  84. What is the most important thing to you regarding art?
  85. When did you decide that you love art?
  86. Illustrate what makes you feel creative.
  87. What makes up your creative space?
  88. Pick a quote and make an art journal page.
  89. Draw your favorite sea animal.
  90. Write a few words about your favorite type of art.
  91. What is your favorite way to paint?
  92. Create a portrait of a historical figure.
  93. What is your favorite type of canvas?
  94. Illustrate a place where you feel at home.
  95. Paint a picture of your favorite type of fruit.
  96. Create a collage of cute things you love.
  97. Write a few words about your favorite art museum.
  98. Write a few words about your best creative work.
  99. What wonderful ideas about art do you want to share with younger people?
  100. Create a portrait of an artist.
  101. Draw a fun picture.
  102. What is your favorite place to draw?
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How to Use Art Journaling Prompts Effectively

Before diving into the art journal prompts, knowing how to use them effectively is essential. Consider the following tips to make the most of diary prompts for art:

When it comes to art, perfectionism is simple to fall victim to. However, the beauty of art journaling is that there are no rules.


An art journal allows you to express yourself differently than a traditional journal. Let your surroundings inspire your next art journal page. An art journal prompt can be answered in multiple ways without a definitive right or wrong answer.

Therefore, take your time thinking about it. Some people use art journals to record their creative process. Write, draw, or paint whatever comes to mind without worrying about the result.


How do you write an art prompt?

Writing an art prompt is similar to writing any other creative prompt. Start by focusing on a particular topic or idea that you would like to explore. Ask yourself questions such as, ‘What makes me feel inspired?’ and ‘What motivates my creativity?’


Use these thoughts as the basis for your art prompt. You can also use art as a way to express your emotions, experiences, and thoughts. Give yourself the freedom to explore different techniques, materials, and ideas to create something unique.

Finally, remember that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to writing an art prompt



Art journal prompts can be a powerful tool to help you get started with art journaling or to break out of a creative rut. You can use these 101 art journal prompts for inspiration.

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A visual journal should be a reflection of your current state, so don’t feel rushed to finish.

Use any of the journal prompts for art that I have provided as starting points and go from there. Feel free to interpret the prompts in any which way you like, and remember that art is about self-expression.

Have an open mind, try various art journaling ideas, and most importantly, have fun. Happy writing!



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