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The trend of bullet journaling is sweeping the globe. It is a bullet journal habit that involves creating a personalized planner that you can use to keep track of your daily life, tasks, goals, habits, and other important information. One of the most popular features of bullet journaling is the habit tracker, which allows you to track your progress on specific habits. In this article, I will provide 51 bullet journal habit tracker ideas that you can use for habit tracking to improve your life.


What are the trackers in bullet journal?

A bullet journal habit tracker is a super easy way of tracking your daily habits. It involves creating a visual representation of your progress, which can motivate and help you stay on track. Habit tracker ideas can range from simple checklists to more complex designs incorporating the same color or colors and symbols to represent your progress.



51 Bullet journal habit tracker ideas

  1. Water intake tracker – mini habit trackers for how much water you drink each day
  2. Daily steps tracker – write how many steps you take each day
  3. Sleep tracker – sleep tracker for your sleeping habits
  4. Mood tracker – record your emotions and mental health each day
  5. Gratitude tracker – track things and new habits that you are grateful for each day
  6. Meditation tracker – track how often you meditate
  7. Exercise tracker – write your workouts and fitness goals
  8. Reading tracker – write how much you read each day
  9. Screen time tracker – note how much time you spend on your phone or computer
  10. Spending tracker – track your expenses or extra cost of grocery shopping

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  11. Savings tracker – track how much money you save each week or month
  12. Debt payoff tracker – track your paying off debt
  13. Healthy eating tracker – record your healthy meals and snacks
  14. Productivity tracker – track how much work you get done each day and how can you increase productivity
  15. Time blocking tracker – track how you spend your time each day
  16. Self-care tracker – track how often you practice self-care activities
  17. Social media tracker – note how much time you spend on social media comments, chats, blogging, or new blog post
  18. Brain dump tracker – track how often you do a brain dump write all the ideas and valuable information in your journal
  19. Cleaning tracker – mini habit trackers for your cleaning tasks
  20. Chores tracker – track your household chores
  21. Goal tracker – monthly habit trackers for specific goals
  22. Hobby tracker – track how often you engage in your hobbies and things you absolutely love
  23. Gratitude jar tracker – track how often you add to your gratitude jar
  24. Journaling tracker – track how often you journal on a daily or weekly basis
  25. Art/creative tracker – track how often you engage in creative activities
  26. Language learning tracker – track how you are learning a new language
  27. Skill-building tracker – monthly habit tracker to check your personal development and skills
  28. Music practice tracker – track how much you play an instrument or sing songs you love hearing
  29. Gardening tracker – a surefire way to track your gardening tasks
  30. Pet care tracker – track how you are taking care of your pets
  31. Career development tracker – check on your career-related goals and how to achieve success
  32. Relationship tracker – track how often you spend time with loved ones
  33. Travel tracker – little calendars of plans or taking trips

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  34. Home improvement tracker – track your progress on home improvement projects
  35. Meal planning tracker – follow your meal planning and preparation
  36. Self-reflection tracker – weekly habit tracker of how often you reflect on your life and choices
  37. Personal finance tracker – monthly tracker for financial goals
  38. Project tracker – monthly trackers for specific projects you hope to complete
  39. Creative writing tracker – track your writing projects
  40. Business tracker – track your achievement on business-related tasks
  41. Volunteer work tracker – your weekly trackers in volunteering
  42. Daily affirmations tracker – note how often you practice affirmations and good habits daily
  43. No spend tracker – track how many days you go without spending little money or avoid the extra cost
  44. No alcohol tracker – track how many days you go without drinking alcohol
  45. No smoking tracker – track how many days you go without smoking
  46. Positive thinking tracker – follow how often you practice positive thinking
  47. Self-improvement tracker – check your daily routine for self-improvement goals
  48. Spirituality tracker – track your spiritual goals
  49. Travel bucket list tracker – a great idea for tracking travel destinations records
  50. Weather tracker – a simple tracker of the weather each day
  51. Monthly reflection tracker – tracking habits and reflecting on life in your monthly spreads


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Tips for using bullet journal habit tracker ideas

Start small:

If you are just starting, start with one habit or two. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to track too many habits at once.


Create mini-goals:

Set mini-goals and break down your larger goals into smaller ones. This will help you stay motivated and be able to track your progress better.


Be consistent:

Track your patterns every day and write one to two pages daily

Use symbols and colors: make your habit tracker visually appealing, buy a free printable habit tracker


Set realistic goals:

Don’t set yourself up for failure by setting unrealistic goals

Celebrate your accomplishments: reward yourself for reaching milestones


Be flexible:

If a habit isn’t working for you, don’t be afraid to switch it up or use a different idea, take an example from your favorite full-time blogger


Use a bullet key:

Create a key to help you remember what each symbol means

Don’t compare yourself to others: everyone’s journey is different


Why start a bullet journal habit tracker?

There are many benefits to starting a bullet journal daily or monthly habit tracker:

It can help you develop better habits to improve your life.

By start tracking your old, and new habits and other habits, you can see how far you’ve gone and maintain your motivation to keep going.

It can help you identify bad habits and patterns you must break.


It can be an enjoyable and original method to express yourself and give your bullet journal spreads a personal touch.

Using a tracker in your bullet journal can help you make progress toward your goals and stay organized.

It’s an excellent way to hold yourself accountable for your behavior and keep track of your progress.


Habit tracking can help you track your habits, like exercise, diet, sleep, and more, so that you may plan how to improve them.

I started bullet journaling to help me track a bad habit that I wanted to break, like not waking up on time or spending too much money.

I’ve found that tracking my habits is a sure-fire way to be more conscious of my actions and helped me create better habits.





Where do you put trackers in a bullet journal?

Trackers can be placed anywhere in your bullet journal, as long as it’s easy to find. Some popular places are the monthly or weekly spread, a designated tracker page at the beginning of your journal, or even on their pages.

If you want to make sure that you use the trackers and don’t forget about them, it is wise to put them in a place you will see every day.

For example, if you frequently check the monthly spread, then put your tracker there so that you can easily track your progress.

If you do decide to dedicate an entire page or pages for trackers, make sure they are marked clearly and easy to access when you need them.

Decorate the pages in whatever way helps motivate you to use the trackers and make sure that they are kept up-to-date.


How do you make a bullet journal tracker?

Creating a habit tracker in your bullet journal is fairly simple. All you need to do is carve out some space on the page and start collecting data.

Start by deciding what habit you want to track – it can be anything from drinking enough water daily to getting up early or getting more sleep each night.

Then make a list of the days in the month you plan on tracking and mark them on the page.


Next, make your tracker columns – draw or write out each habit that you are tracking so that you can easily see what day it is.

Once this is done, simply add symbols and colors to show whether you have achieved your goal or not.

Finally, be sure to add a key at the top so you can remember which symbols stand for what.


Mood Tracker



How do you use bullet journal for habit tracking?

Habit tracking with a bullet journal is quite simple. Start by creating a list of habits you would like to develop or break, then make a tracker page for each habit.

Place the trackers in an area of your bullet journal that you will see every day.

Each day, take time to fill out your trackers and mark them with symbols and colors to indicate if you have completed your habit or not.

Pay attention to patterns that emerge in your data, as well as any successes or failures. This will help you plan how to improve your habits.

Finally, use the habit trackers as a source of motivation by setting goals for yourself each month and making a point to reach them.

Tracking your habits with a bullet journal is an excellent way to be mindful and become the best version of yourself.


Bottom line:

Bullet journals are a great way to track your habits, goals, and accomplishments. By using habit trackers, you can easily keep track of your progress over time.

Bullet journal habit trackers can be a fun and helpful way to improve your life. Use a bullet journal as a daily habit tracker and you can develop good habits, break bad habits, and stay motivated to reach your goals.

With a 51-bullet journal tracker for habits, there is something for everyone. Remember to start small, be consistent, and celebrate your accomplishments.



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