How To Start Bullet Journal For Travel

Traveling can be such a great way to experience the world, explore new cultures, and create memories that will last a lifetime! Bullet journaling is an excellent tool for keeping track of all your travels. It allows you to capture the excitement of each journey, as well as plan out your next vacation in advance. In this blog post, I will show you how to start bullet journal for travel. I will also provide you with bullet journal travel ideas to help you get started.


How to Set Up Bullet Journals for Travel


Choose a Bullet Journal

First, you’ll need to decide which type of bullet journal is right for you. There are many types available, from pocket-sized notebooks to larger styles with more features like dividers and pockets. Consider your lifestyle when choosing the right one for your travels.


Understand the Basics

A bullet journal consists of “signifiers,” symbols that represent different types of information. This could include a dot for an event, an asterisk for something important, or a triangle for tasks you need to complete. Becoming familiar with the bullet journal system will make it easier to use while traveling.


Establish Your Goals

Think about what you want to achieve with your bullet journal while traveling. Do you want to document your experiences? Track places you’ve visited.

Or create a travel budget? Writing down your goals will help make sure each bullet journal page serves a purpose and keeps everything organized.


Make an Index

An index is key for keeping track of all the information in your bullet journal. Start by adding “Index” at the beginning of your journal and then add page numbers as you go. This will make it easier to find your notes once the pages start to fill up.


Create a Key

You’ll also want to create a key, which is a helpful guide for all the signifiers in your bullet journal. For travelers, this could include symbols for accommodations, restaurants, attractions, and more. This will make it easy to always know what each signifier means and saves you time when looking for specific information.


Start with a General Layout

Before you start adding any details, it’s important to set up the overall structure of your bullet journal. Think about how you want to organize each page and create sections for different topics such as travel destinations, budgeting, packing lists, and more.


Gather Inspiration

If needed, look online for ideas on bullet journal layouts that are specifically designed for travelers. These can serve as a great starting point and provide helpful suggestions on how to best use your pages in your journal.


Customize Your Pages

Once you’ve established an overall layout and decided which signifiers will work best for you, it’s time to get creative! Take some time to customize the individual pages, such as adding fun fonts, colorful headers, and other decorations that make your travel journal unique.

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Track Your Progress

Finally, use your bullet journal to track your progress while traveling. Document each trip with notes and photos so you can look back and remember all of the wonderful experiences you had along the way!





Tools and Tips for Travel Bullet Journaling Success


Waterproof pens and markers

Consider using waterproof supplies that won’t smudge or fade when exposed to water. This is helpful if you’re planning on traveling to humid climates or spending time near the beach.


Travel stickers

To make your bullet journal even more fun, add some travel-themed stickers! This is a great way to easily identify pages related to certain trips and break up the text.


Zipper pouches

To store your journal and other supplies while traveling, consider using zipper pouches that can be easily tucked away in a bag. This will help keep everything organized and protected from the elements.


Erasable markers

These are great for making corrections or changes without having to start over again. This is especially helpful when it comes to writing down travel budgets or making notes of last-minute changes.



It’s also helpful to have dividers between sections of your bullet journal. You can purchase pre-made dividers or design your own with scrapbook paper or cardstock.


Travel-themed stamps

Use these to mark countries you’ve visited or create fun postcards of each destination.


Travel-themed washi tape

There are many types of washi tape available in a variety of travel patterns like maps or airplanes. Using this type of tape can add a unique touch to any page layout.


Travel Bullet Journal Ideas

Here are some creative travel journal ideas:

1. Travel Bucket List: Make a list of all the places you want to visit and check them off as you go.


2. Packing Checklist: Create a comprehensive packing list for each trip, including items such as

clothing, toiletries, tech gear, and more.


3. Budget and Savings Tracker: Use signifiers or colorful graphs to track your daily expenses while traveling.


4. Flight Info: Record flight numbers and times so you’re always aware of when and where you’re going.


5. Accommodation Notes: Document important details in your bullet journal notebook about each place you stay like contact info or Wi-Fi passwords.


6. Itinerary Ideas: Brainstorm ideas for how to fill each day of your trip.


7. Photo Log: After returning home, create a photo log of all the pictures you took while traveling.


8. Travel Tips: Keep notes on any helpful tips or tricks you learn along the way that could be useful in future travels.


9. Meal Ideas: Jot down memorable meals and restaurants so you know where to eat next time you visit a city.

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10. Shopping List: Make a list of items you want to purchase for souvenirs or gifts while traveling.


11. Adventure Tracker: Track outdoor activities like hiking, biking, kayaking, and more with photos and notes about each experience.


12. Notes from Locals: Collect advice from locals about the best places to visit in each city.


13. Local Language Guide: Make a list of useful phrases or words in different languages spoken in each country you visit.


14. Inspiration Log: Keep a log of ideas, quotes, and things that inspire you while on your big trip.


15. Travel Gratitude List: Make a list of all the things you’re grateful for before, during, and after your travels.


16. Travel Wish List: Create a wish list for future travel destinations to explore when you have more time.


17. Transportation Tracker: Record transportation methods like buses or trains along with departure times so you can easily plan how to get around each destination.


18. Travel Map: Create an interactive map to show where you’ve been and all the places you still want to go.


19. Travel Diary: A travel log or diary is a great way to keep track of the places you have been.


20. Storyboard: Make a storyboard of your experiences by including photos, quotes, or drawings that tell the story of each trip.


How to Organize Travel Bullet Journals

Once you’ve started filling your bullet journal with travel-related information, it’s important to stay organized so you can quickly find the info you need. Here are a few tips for organizing your traveler’s bullet journal:


Use Signifiers and Color Coding

Using signifiers like arrows or symbols can help quickly identify certain topics or sections of your journal. Color coding is also helpful for denoting different types of pages.


Store Photos Separately

To avoid overcrowding and keep your bullet journal looking neat, consider storing extra photos separately in folders or digital albums.


Make Labels

Use labels or stickers on the edges of each page to easily identify what kind of content will be found there. This not only makes it easier to jump around in your journal but can also help you find pages faster.


Utilize Indexes and Tabs

Include an index at the start of each section of your journal with page numbers listed for quick access. You can also use tabs to mark certain sections so they’re easier to spot when flipping through your journal.


Number Pages

If needed, number each page sequentially so that you can quickly refer back to a specific page without having to search through the entire book.


File Old Bullet Journals

When you’re finished with a journal, file it away for safekeeping. This will help prevent it from becoming lost or damaged and will also make it easier to refer back to in the future.

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Regularly Back Up Your Journal

Finally, make sure to regularly back up your journal so you don’t lose any important information if something were to happen. You can easily do this by taking photos or scanning pages.


Tips to Make Your Bullet Journal for Travel a Success


Utilize Collections

The beauty of a bullet journal is that it has a place for everything in one convenient spot. Use collections or pages for different types of trip planning like packing lists, itinerary ideas, or budget tracking.


Make It Personal

Make sure your bullet journal reflects your unique personality and style! Add color with markers or watercolors, include photos from your travels, or use stickers to brighten up the pages.

Making your journal personal will help inspire creativity and keep you motivated while on the road.


Keep It Simple

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different layouts, but remember to keep it simple. Too many decorations or signifiers can make your journal difficult to navigate and overwhelm you when you’re trying to plan for a trip.


Stay Flexible

Even with careful planning, unexpected changes or surprises may arise while traveling. It’s best to remain flexible so that your bullet journal can adapt as needed instead of becoming a source of frustration.


Review Regularly

To get the most out of your bullet journal for travel, review it regularly so that you don’t forget any helpful tips or ideas from previous trips. This will also help give you an idea of what worked well and what could use some improvement.


Bottom Line

A bullet journal can be an invaluable tool when it comes to travel planning. With careful planning and using travel bullet journal supplies to add a few personal touches, your bullet journal can help make every trip you take more enjoyable and memorable.


Whether you’re exploring your own city or venturing to faraway lands, having an organized system for tracking all the details of each journey is essential for staying on top of your plans.

By following these bullet journal travel ideas and tips, you can easily keep your bullet journal organized and find essential information quickly when needed. With a travel bullet journal at your side, you’ll be sure to have a memorable journey every time.

Now you know how to start bullet journal for travel, so go ahead and create yours today! Happy travels!



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