Travel Bullet Journal: 35 Ideas To Plan Your Travel


Traveling can be an exciting and enriching experience, but it can also be overwhelming to plan. With so much to consider, from transportation to accommodations to activities, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. This is where a travel bullet journal can come in handy. A bullet journal is a customizable planner and journaling system that can be adapted to fit any individual’s needs. A travel bullet journal takes this concept and applies it specifically to travel planning. With a travel bullet journal, one can keep track of everything from flights and hotel reservations to sightseeing plans and packing lists, all in one place.


Getting Started with Your Travel Bullet Journal

When starting a travel bullet journal, there are a few things to consider before diving in. Here are some tips to help get started.


Choosing the Right Journal

The first step in starting a travel bullet journal is to choose the right journal. Many bullet journal enthusiasts recommend the Leuchtturm 1917 as the go-to journal for bullet journaling. It has a sturdy cover, a built-in index, and numbered pages, making it easy to keep track of your entries. However, any small notebook will do the job. It is important to choose a journal that fits your needs and preferences.


Basic Supplies for Bullet Journaling

In addition to a journal, there are a few basic supplies that are needed to start bullet journaling. These include pens, markers, and highlighters. It is recommended to use pens that do not bleed through the pages, such as Micron pens or Staedtler pens. Color coding with highlighters is also a popular technique in bullet journaling.


Understanding the Bullet Journal Method

The bullet journal method is a system of rapid logging that allows for easy organization and tracking of tasks, events, and notes. It involves using symbols to denote different types of entries, such as tasks, events, and notes. The system also includes an index, allowing for easy reference to specific entries. It is important to understand the basic concepts of the bullet journal method before starting a travel bullet journal.


Starting a travel bullet journal can be a fun and creative way to document your travels. By choosing the right journal, gathering basic supplies, and understanding the bullet journal method, anyone can start their own travel bullet journal.


Planning Your Trip

When it comes to planning your trip, a travel bullet journal can be an excellent tool to help you stay organized and on track. Here are some key areas to focus on when planning your trip with a bullet journal:


Creating an Itinerary

One of the most important aspects of trip planning is creating an itinerary. With a bullet journal, you can easily map out your travel plans and keep track of all your activities and reservations. Consider using a table to lay out your itinerary, including details such as dates, times, locations, and any relevant notes or reminders.


Budget and Expenses Tracking

Another key area to focus on is your travel budget. With a bullet journal, you can create a dedicated page to track your expenses and stay within your budget. Consider using a list or table to keep track of your expenses, including details such as the date, item or service purchased, cost, and any notes or receipts.


Packing Lists and Preparation

Finally, don’t forget about packing and preparation. With a bullet journal, you can create a checklist of all the items you need to bring on your trip and make sure you don’t forget anything important. Consider using a list or table to keep track of your packing, including details such as the item, quantity, and any notes or reminders.


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A travel bullet journal can be an invaluable tool for planning your trip and staying organized throughout your travels. By focusing on key areas such as itinerary planning, budget tracking, and packing lists, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free travel experience.


Travel bullet journal ideas

Creating a travel bullet journal can help you organize your itinerary and travel plans effectively. Here are 35 travel bullet journal ideas with brief instructions on how to implement them:

  1. Destination Research: Dedicate pages to jot down information about your destination.
  2. Budget Tracker: Create a budget plan and track your expenses.
  3. Packing List: Make comprehensive packing lists to ensure you don’t forget anything.
  4. Itinerary Overview: Sketch out a broad itinerary, including dates and locations.
  5. Daily Planner: Break down your itinerary into detailed daily plans.
  6. Transportation Log: Keep records of flight numbers, train times, and other transport details.
  7. Accommodation Details: List your accommodations with addresses and reservation details.
  8. Travel Checklist: Create a checklist of things to do before you depart, like securing visas.
  9. Sightseeing List: Note the attractions you want to visit and their opening hours.
  10. Food and Drink List: Write down local dishes or restaurants you want to try.
  11. Language Page: Learn key phrases in the local language and write them down.
  12. Cultural Etiquette: Note important cultural customs or etiquette.
  13. Emergency Information: Record emergency contacts, including embassies and local numbers.
  14. Activity Tracker: Plan and track activities and excursions.
  15. Local Transportation Map: Sketch maps of local transit systems for easy navigation.
  16. Weather Forecast: Keep an eye on the weather and note it down for packing and planning.
  17. Souvenir List: Make a list of souvenirs to buy and who they are for.
  18. Photography Goals: List specific photos or types of shots you want to capture.
  19. Travel Journaling Pages: Reserve space for writing down your experiences.
  20. Expense Log: Keep a detailed log of all travel expenses.
  21. Bucket List: List everything you want to do in your lifetime related to travel.
  22. Trip Highlights: Create a page to highlight the best moments of your trip.
  23. Contact Page: Keep track of new friends’ contact info.
  24. Travel Quotes: Collect inspirational travel quotes.
  25. Reflections and Learnings: Reflect on what you learned from your travels.
  26. Travel Outfit Planner: Plan your outfits to match the itinerary and weather.
  27. Health and Safety: Note any vaccinations needed or health precautions.
  28. Gift Planner: Plan and track gifts for friends and family back home.
  29. Travel Goals: Set goals for your trip, whether it’s relaxation or adventure.
  30. Festival and Event Planner: Research and note down local events or festivals.
  31. Local Cuisine Planner: Plan to try specific foods or cooking classes.
  32. Travel Insurance Details: Keep your travel insurance information handy.
  33. Flight Tracker: Track your flights and any changes in schedule.
  34. Memories Page: Create a space to paste tickets, postcards, and other memorabilia.
  35. Post-Trip Review: After your trip, reflect on what you enjoyed and what you’d change.


To implement these ideas, start by dedicating a page or a section to each topic in your bullet journal. Use symbols, colors, and lists to organize information in a way that’s visually appealing and easy to understand. Update your journal as you plan your trip and while you’re traveling to keep all the information you need at your fingertips.

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Creative Spreads and Layouts

Creating a travel bullet journal is a fun way to document and track your adventures. One of the most exciting aspects of a travel bullet journal is the opportunity to create unique and creative spreads and layouts. Here are some ideas for creative spreads and layouts to include in your travel bullet journal.


Travel Wish Lists and Bucket Lists

A travel wish list or bucket list is a great way to keep track of all the places you want to visit. You can create a spread with a list of destinations you want to visit, along with a small doodle or illustration of each place. You can also use stickers or washi tape to add some color and personality to your spread. As you visit each destination, you can cross it off your list and add a small sketch or note about your experience.

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Daily Logs and Trip Itineraries

Keeping a daily log or trip itinerary is a great way to stay organized during your travels. You can create a spread with a daily log or itinerary for each day of your trip, including details such as the places you visited, the food you ate, and the people you met. You can also include sketches or doodles of the places you visited or the food you ate. Using stickers or washi tape to decorate your spread can make it more visually appealing.


Vacation Countdown and Highlights

A vacation countdown is a fun way to build excitement for your trip. You can create a spread with a countdown tracker, including the number of days until your trip and a small illustration or doodle for each day. You can also create a spread to highlight the best moments of your trip, including sketches or doodles of your favorite places, experiences, and memories. Adding stickers or washi tape to your spread can make it more colorful and visually appealing.


There are many creative spreads and layouts you can include in your travel bullet journal. Whether you prefer to sketch, doodle, or use stickers and washi tape, there are endless possibilities for creating a unique and personalized travel bullet journal.


Documenting Your Adventures

When it comes to travel bullet journaling, documenting your adventures is one of the most important aspects. Capturing memories, collecting mementos, and reflecting on experiences can help you remember your trip for years to come.


Capturing Memories with Photos and Sketches

One way to document your adventures is by capturing them through photos and sketches. Whether you’re using a camera or your phone, taking pictures of your travels can help you remember the sights and experiences you had. Sketching can also be a great way to capture memories, especially if you enjoy drawing or want to add a personal touch to your journal.


Collecting Mementos and Ephemera

Collecting mementos and ephemera is another great way to document your travels. Things like ticket stubs, postcards, and receipts can help you remember the places you visited and the experiences you had. You can even create a pocket in your journal to store these items, making it easy to look back on them later.


Reflecting on Experiences and Stories

Finally, reflecting on your experiences and stories can help you process your trip and remember it in a meaningful way. Writing about your adventures in a travel diary or journal can help you remember the details of your trip, as well as your thoughts and feelings about the experience. You can also use your journal to reflect on the lessons you learned and the ways in which your trip impacted you.


Documenting your adventures is an important part of travel bullet journaling. By capturing memories, collecting mementos, and reflecting on your experiences, you can create a journal that will help you remember your trip for years to come.

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Enhancing Your Travel Journal

A travel bullet journal is a great way to record memories and keep track of your adventures. However, there are ways to enhance your travel journal and make it even more special. Here are a few ideas to consider:


Incorporating Maps and Locations

One way to make your travel journal more visually appealing is to incorporate maps and locations. You can add a map of the area you visited and mark the places you went to with stickers or colored markers. This will not only make your journal look more interesting but will also help you remember the places you visited.

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Adding Inspirational Travel Quotes

Including inspirational travel quotes in your travel journal can be a great way to capture the essence of your trip. You can add quotes that inspire you or that remind you of the places you visited. You can also create your own inspirational quotes based on your experiences.


Using Free Printables and Affiliate Links

There are many free printables available online that you can use to enhance your travel journal. You can find printable packing lists, travel itineraries, and even travel-themed stickers. You can use affiliate links to purchase travel essentials that you can use during your trip. This will not only help you save money but will also help you find the best products for your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are some creative layout ideas for a travel bullet journal?

There are a variety of creative layout ideas for a travel bullet journal. Some popular ones include creating a packing list, making a spread for your itinerary, tracking your expenses, and documenting your daily activities. You can also incorporate maps, ticket stubs, and other memorabilia to make your journal more visual and engaging.


How can I incorporate a countdown to my next trip in my bullet journal?

You can incorporate a countdown to your next trip in your bullet journal by creating a spread that includes a calendar with the date of your trip highlighted, along with a countdown until that date. You can also add motivational quotes or images to keep you excited and inspired.


What are the benefits of keeping a travel journal during road trips?

Keeping a travel journal during road trips can have several benefits. It allows you to document your experiences and memories, reflect on your journey, and appreciate the small moments that make travel so special. It can also serve as a creative outlet and a way to relieve stress.


How can I document my travel memories effectively in a bullet journal?

To document your travel memories effectively in a bullet journal, you can create spreads for each day of your trip, including photos, ticket stubs, and other memorabilia. You can also write down your thoughts and feelings about each experience, and reflect on what you learned from your journey.


What differentiates a travel journal from a standard journal?

A travel journal differs from a standard journal in that it is focused specifically on documenting your travel experiences. It typically includes more visual elements, such as photos and memorabilia, and may also include practical information such as itineraries and expenses.


Can you provide tips for students on how to create a travel journal?

For students looking to create a travel journal, it can be helpful to start by setting a goal for what you want to document and achieve with your journal. You can also consider incorporating academic elements, such as documenting cultural experiences or conducting research on the places you visit. Creating a budget and planning ahead can help ensure that you have the time and resources to create a meaningful journal.



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