51 Bullet Journal Travel Planner Ideas


Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It can also be one of the most overwhelming experiences, as you try to juggle all of your planning and organizing. That’s why having a bullet journal travel planner can be so useful. In this blog post, I will provide you with 51 bullet journal travel planner ideas to help you plan a successful trip.


51 Bullet journal travel planner ideas

Below is the list of travel journal ideas for your bullet journals:

  1. Packing list – create a checklist of all the items and travel documents you must pack for your vacation to not forget about them.
  2. To-do list – list all the tasks you must not forget and complete before your next adventure.
  3. Budget tracker – track your travel expenses to stay within your budget.
  4. Flight details – write down your flight information, including departure and arrival times so you don’t forget them.
  5. Accommodation details – record your hotel or Airbnb details, including check-in and check-out times.
  6. Transportation details – note your transportation arrangements, such as a rental car or train tickets.
  7. Itinerary – plan out your daily activities and schedule in advance in a detailed itinerary.
  8. Places to visit – make a list of all the places, must-see attractions, and places you are visiting in the world.
  9. Restaurants to try – jot down the restaurants or cafes you want to try during your vacation.
  10. Hiking trails – if you’re planning a hiking trip, list the hiking trails you want to explore.
  11. Museums to visit – if you’re interested in art or history, list the museums you want to see.
  12. Beaches to visit – if you’re going to a coastal destination, list the beaches you want to see.
  13. Local events – check out the events during your trip and add them to your itinerary.
  14. Shopping list – a bucket list of the souvenirs or gifts you want to buy during your trip.
  15. Travel journal – use your bullet journal as a travel journal, travel log, or travel diary to document your experiences and write little details.
  16. Travel quotes – add inspirational fun travel quotes to your bullet journal.
  17. Maps – include maps or world maps of your location in your bullet journal.
  18. Language guide – create a mini-language guide with common phrases in the local language in your travel bullet journals.
  19. Weather tracker – track the weather forecast to plan your outfits and activities.
  20. Emergency contacts – note down emergency contacts, including embassy and consulate details in your travel bullet journals.
  21. Travel insurance – record your travel insurance details in case of emergencies.
  22. Currency and savings tracker – Create a currency converter to help you calculate and track the exchange rate.
  23. Savings tracker – start saving for your next adventure and keep a record of them with the savings tracker.
  24. Post-travel checklist – list all the tasks you must complete after your travels.
  25. Books to read – if you’re a book lover, create a list of fun books to read during your trip.
  26. Movies to watch – make a list of movies or TV shows to watch during your travel downtime or flights.
  27. Podcasts to listen to – create a list of fun podcasts during your trips and flights.
  28. Music playlist – make a playlist of fun songs that remind you of your destination.
  29. Food diary – document the food you eat during your trip or vacation.
  30. Accommodation review – write a review of your hotel or Airbnb after your trip or vacation.
  31. Restaurant review – write a review of the restaurants you visit during your trip or vacation.
  32. Sightseeing review – write a review of the attractions you visit, and where you had so much fun during your trip.
  33. Travel tips – share your travel life tips and advice in your travel bullet journal.
  34. Travel wish list – create a list of travel goals you want to achieve on your vacation.
  35. Travel bucket list – Make a bucket list of the location and places you want to visit in your life.
  36. Travel journal prompts – use travel journal prompts to inspire your writing in your travel journals.
  37. Packing hacks – share your vacation packing hacks and tips in your bullet journal.
  38. Budget hacks – share your vacation budget hacks and tips in your bullet journal.
  39. Travel apps – make a list of helpful travel apps to download.
  40. Travel books – list of vacation books to read before your trip.
  41. Travel documentaries – list of vacation documentaries to watch before your trip.
  42. Travel vlogs – make a list of vacation vlogs to watch before your trip in your travel journals.
  43. Travel photos – print photos and create a photo album of your travels in your travel bullet journal.
  44. Travel doodles – create travel doodles or drawings of cool things you experienced in your bullet journal.
  45. Travel quotes – add inspiring travel quotes to your travel bullet journal.
  46. Travel bucket list – bucket list idea for the countries you want to visit in the next five years.
  47. Travel expenses – track your travel expenses to stay within your budget.
  48. Road trip planner – trip planning for a road trip, route and stops in advance.
  49. Camping checklist – create a list of all the things you need for your camping trip.
  50. Travel challenges – create challenges for yourself, such as trying new foods or fun activities.
  51. Random page – create a page or travel diary where you can jot down your thoughts, ideas, or anything that comes to mind during your trip.
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What is a travel bullet journal?

A bullet journal is a type of travel journal that uses bullet points and symbols to organize information. It’s a flexible and customizable journal that can be used for various purposes, including travel planning.


Creating a bullet journal travel planner idea is a concept you can use to plan and organize your next vacation in a bullet journal.

It can be anything from a packing list to a daily itinerary. The beauty of travel bullet journal planner ideas is that you can customize them to suit your needs and preferences.


Why start a bullet journal, or travel planner?

You should consider starting a bullet journal travel planner for several reasons:

You can keep organized and on schedule with its assistance.

With a bullet journal, you can keep track of your itinerary, accommodation, transportation, and budget in one place. This can save you time and reduce the stress of trip planning.

Travel bullet journal planning ideas can be a creative outlet. You can use different colors, stickers, and drawings to make your bullet journal more visually appealing.

A bullet travel journal can be a great way to preserve your travel memories.

You can use your bullet journal to document your experiences, thoughts, and feelings during your trip.


Tips for using bullet journal travel planner ideas

  • Customize your bullet journal page to suit your needs and preferences. Creating a fun journal can be such a great way to show how you can be creative.
  • Use different colors, fun ideas, pages, kraft paper, post tags, stickers, and drawings to make your travel bullet journals more visually appealing.
  • Keep your bullet journal notebook with you at all times during your next trip.
  • Update your bullet journals regularly to stay organized on your next vacation and a big trip.
  • Share your travel bullet journal supplies with your travel buddies to keep on the same page.
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What should be included in a travel bullet journal?

  • Destination research – create a page to document your destination research.
  • Local attractions – write down all the attractions you want to visit during your trip or vacation.
  • Itinerary planner – build an itinerary for each day of the vacation using a timeline and list format.
  • Budget tracker– track your budget and keep track of how much you are spending on each item.
  • Packing list – make a list of all the items you need to bring with you during your trip or vacation.
  • Journaling pages – use this section of the journal to document your experiences and memories during your travels.
  • Notebook for ideas– jot down inspiring quotes, doodles, and other writings during your travels.
  • Photographs – document your amazing travel experiences by taking photographs and adding them to your bullet journal.
  • Maps – draw maps of the places you want to visit or have visited during your trip.
  • Recipes – write down recipes you tried while on vacation in case you want to recreate them at home later


Can you have a bullet journal and a planner?

Yes, you can have a bullet journal and a planner. They can be used together to help keep track of tasks, events, and more.

A planner is ideal for planning while a bullet journal allows you to capture the moments that happen in between your plans.

They are both great tools for organizing and tracking goals and tasks, so combining them can be a great way to stay organized.

You could use your planner for planning and scheduling tasks and events, while also taking notes in your bullet journal about the things you have done or want to do.

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This will help you stay focused on completing tasks and make sure that no detail is forgotten.


Is bullet journaling better than a planner?

It depends on your individual needs and preferences. Some people prefer to use a planner for their daily tasks and events, while others find that bullet journaling is more creative and helps them stay organized.


Using both a bullet journal and a planner can be beneficial if you need both planning tools. If you prefer one over the other, then it is best to go with the tool that works for you.

For example, if you prefer a more creative approach to organizing, then bullet journaling might be the better option. On the other hand, if you have lots of tasks and events that need to be scheduled, then a planner may work better. The 51 bullet journal travel ideas above can help you get started with your bullet journal travel pages for your upcoming trip.


What is the format of a travel journal?

The format of a travel journal varies depending on the individual’s preferences. Generally, travel journals are composed of short paragraphs or entries that document experiences and observations throughout a trip.


Travel journals often include photos, drawings, sketches, quotes from locals and other travelers, maps, souvenirs, and other mementos. It is also common to include a daily itinerary, budget tracker, and other lists of important information.


The format for a travel journal should be tailored to the individual’s needs and preferences. It can be as simple or complex as desired. The main goal is to document experiences and create lasting memories of your travels.

Travel bullet journal ideas can be used to create a unique and meaningful travel journal that can be cherished for years to come.


Bottom line:

Bullet journaling travel planner ideas can be a game-changer in travel planning. Travel journal ideas can help you plan your next vacation, reduce stress, and document travel memories.

With 51 bullet journal travel planner ideas, you can customize your creative travel bullet journal to suit your needs and preferences.

Whether a seasoned traveler or a first-time explorer, a bullet journal can make y our travel experience much more enjoyable!

One fun idea can be a world map as the background for your bullet journal. This would be great to track past and future travels, create goals for yourself, or even just daydreaming about where you want to go next!

So, start planning your adventures and use these ideas to make your bullet journal travel planner even more useful and meaningful.



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