51 Bullet Journal Gift Ideas


Bullet journals have become a popular way for people to organize their thoughts, track their habits, and plan their days. They are also a great way to express creativity and personalize your journal. But what do you get for the bullet journal junkie in your life? Fear not, as we have 51 bullet journal gift ideas of fun gifts to please journal lovers.


51 Bullet Journal Gift Ideas

Below is the list of journaling gifts for anyone from the bujo community or for someone who loves writing:

  1. Bullet Journal – A bullet journal is a great gift for bullet journal lovers. Many options include guided journals, dotted journals, and blank journals.
  2. Colored pens – For a bullet journaler a good set of bullet journal accessories is essential. Consider getting a bunch of colorful pens or pens with different tip sizes.
  3. Highlighters – Highlighters such as zebra milliner highlighters emphasize important tasks or notes.
  4. Stickers – Stickers are a fun way to personalize. There are many options available, including motivational stickers and decorative stickers.
  5. Washi Tape – Washi tape can create borders or decorate a bullet journal.
  6. Sticky Notes – Sticky notes are great for jotting down quick notes or reminders.
  7. Stencils – Stencils can create consistent shapes and designs in a bullet journal.
  8. Erasers – Erasers are essential for fixing mistakes in a bullet journal.
  9. Rulers – Rulers can create straight lines or grids in a bullet journal.
  10. Clip-On Book Light – A clip-on book light can illuminate a bullet journal in low light conditions.
  11. Fountain Pen – A fountain pen is a luxury item that can enhance a high-quality journal experience.
  12. Planner – A planner can use a bullet journal to help organize appointments and events.
  13. Printable Templates – Printable templates can create consistent layouts in a bullet journal.
  14. Bullet Journal Stamps – Bullet journal stamps can create decorative designs and shapes.
  15. Paper Clips – Paper clips can keep pages together in a bullet journal.
  16. Pencil Case – A pencil case can store pens, pencils, and other bullet journal supplies.
  17. Bullet Journal Bag – A bullet journal bag can store enough journals and all their supplies.
  18. Desk Organizer – A desk organizer can keep bullet journal supplies in one place.
  19. Desk Lamp – A desk lamp can provide additional lighting for bullet journalists.
  20. Art Prints – Art prints can decorate a bullet journal notebook.
  21. Bullet Journaling Class – A bullet journaling class can help improve bullet journaling skills and techniques.
  22. Bullet Journal Workbook – A bullet journal workbook can provide inspiration and guidance.
  23. Calligraphy Set – A calligraphy set can create beautiful hand lettering of modern calligraphy in a bullet journal.
  24. Letter Stencils – Letter stencils can create consistent lettering in a bullet journal.
  25. Colored Pencils – Colored pencils can add color to a bullet journal.
  26. Watercolor Paints – Watercolor paints can create beautiful designs in a bullet journal.
  27. Paint Brushes – Paint Brushes can apply paint or watercolor to a bullet journal.
  28. Ink Pads – Ink pads can create stamped designs in a bullet journal.
  29. Stamp Sets – Stamp sets can create decorative designs and shapes in a bullet journal.
  30. Calligraphy Pens – Calligraphy pens or brush pens can create beautiful hand lettering in a bullet journal.
  31. Markers – Markers are must have and can add color and emphasis to a bullet journal.
  32. Popular Books – Popular notebooks can provide inspiration and guidance.
  33. Fountain Pen Ink – Fountain pen ink can refill fountain pens for bullet journals.
  34. Planners – A bullet journal planner can be a better gift and guide in setting up a bullet journal.
  35. Bullet Journaling Workbook – A bullet journal workbook can provide inspiration and guidance.
  36. Gift Guide – A bullet journal gift guide can provide tips and tricks.
  37. Bullet Journaling Kit – A bullet journal kit can include pens, stickers, washi tape, and other ammunition journaling supplies.
  38. Bullet Journaling Subscription Box – A subscription box can provide monthly bullet journal items.
  39. Bullet Journaling App – A bullet journal app can create digital bullet journals.
  40. Bullet Journal Printable – A bullet journaling printable can be used to create consistent layouts in a bullet journal.
  41. Bullet Journal ECourse – An course can provide guidance and instruction.
  42. Bullet Journal Accessories – Accessories can include bookmarks, page flags, and paper clips.
  43. Bullet Journals Inspirational Book – An inspirational book can provide ideas and inspiration.
  44. Tote Bag – A tote bag or planner pouch can carry bullet journaling supplies.
  45. Weekly Planner – A weekly planner can provide a template for weekly bullet journaling and is a great gift for planner lovers.
  46. Monthly Planner – A monthly planner can provide a template for monthly bullet journaling and is a perfect present for a planner lover.
  47. Bullet Journal Daily Planner – A daily planner can provide a template for daily bullet journaling.
  48. Bullet Journal Gratitude Journal – A gratitude journal can provide a space for reflecting on what you’re thankful for.
  49. Bullet Journalers Mood Tracker – A mood tracker can provide a space for tracking your daily moods.
  50. Bullet Journalists Fitness Tracker – A fitness tracker can provide a space for tracking your fitness goals and progress.
  51. Bullet Journalist Budget Tracker – A budget tracker can provide a space for tracking your finances.
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What is a Bullet Journal for Gift?

A bullet journal gift idea is a great gift that is related to the bullet journal community. It can be a physical item, such as a journal or pen, or something digital, such as a printable planner or an app.

Bullet journal gift ideas are perfect for anyone who is a bullet journal lover or wants to get started.


Why Start Bullet Journaling for Gift?

The bullet journal method has become a popular way to stay organized and productive. It’s a great way to track your goals, habits, and to-do lists all in one place.

Wonderful gift ideas related to bullet journal notebooks can be a thoughtful gift, a great present, and help your family member or loved ones get started with this hobby or enhance their existing bullet journal experience.

It’s also a great idea to show that you support their interests and hobbies.


Tips for Using Bullet Journaling Gift Ideas

Consider the bullet journal fan preferences and needs when choosing a bullet journal gift idea. Some people prefer a blank journal, while others prefer one already guided.

Consider the journal lovers’ skill level, as well. They may need the perfect gift of basic supplies such as an average pen, pencil pouch, pen holder, brush pens, and stickers if they are starting.


If they are more experienced, they may prefer unique gifts of more advanced supplies such as calligraphy pens, water-based ink, planner pouch, pen loop, washi tape storage, pens with fine tips, flexible brush tips, and watercolor paints.


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When using bullet journal gift ideas, encourage journal lovers to experiment and find their style. Bullet journaling is a hobby, and everyone’s journal will look different. Encourage recipients to use their creativity and experiment with extra supplies, techniques and bullet journal ideas.


What goes well with a journal as a gift?

A journal often goes well with other gifts such as washi tape, markers, stickers, a brush pen set, fine-tip pens, a planner pouch, and a pen loop.

Pens are also great gifts to accompany a journal as they provide endless possibilities for creativity in planning.


Other great companion gifts include a weekly planner template or calendar pages. Bullet journal gifts also go well with accessories such as bookmarks, paperclips, beautiful bullet journalnotebooks, bullet journal spreads,and page flags.

A subscription box filled with themed bullet journaling supplies always makes an excellent gift.


Don’t forget to include some maintenance items such as fountain pen refills, Hp sprocket photo printer, little coffee fox, flexible brush tip, or erasers for correcting mistakes.

These little things often make the biggest impact on a bullet journal addict.


Bottom line:

Bullet journaling is a popular hobby that can help people stay organized, productive, and creative. Bullet journal gift ideas make great gifts for bullet journal lovers or who want to get started.

One fun gift the bullet journal community recommends is a subscription box filled with themed bullet journaling supplies.

Other great gifts include accessories such as page flags, paperclips, and bookmarks, as well

With 51 views, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for the bullet journal lover in your life.

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