51 Bullet journal doodle ideas


Bullet journaling is a popular trend that has gained much attention recently. It is an effective way to stay organized and keep track of your daily tasks, goals, and achievements. However, bullet journaling is not just about staying organized; it’s also about expressing your creativity. Journal doodles are one of the finest methods to accomplish this in your bullet journals. You can use the 51 bullet journaling doodle ideas in this blog post to add some fun and creativity to your journal.


What are bullet journal doodles?

A bullet journal doodle idea is a simple drawing or sketch you can add to your bullet journals. It can be anything from a small flower to a complex illustration. Bullet journal doodles can decorate your diary, highlight important information, or add color to your pages. The beauty of doodles is that they are easy to create, and you don’t need special skills or tools to make them.


Why start bullet journal doodles?

You should start incorporating doodles into your bullet journal for many reasons:

It’s a fantastic means of creative expression. You may personalize and make your diary stand out by adding journal doodles.

Bullet journal doodle can help you to stay motivated and focused. Adding a little bit of color, creativity and easy bullet journal doodles to your pages can make your bullet journaling more engaging and enjoyable.

Bullet journal doodle can help to reduce stress and anxiety.

It has been demonstrated that drawing and coloring can relax the mind, which may be beneficial for people who experience stress or worry and write in bullet journal spreads.




51 Bullet journal doodle ideas

Here is the list of easy bullet journal doodle for your bullet journal spreads:

  1. Easy flower doodles – Doodle or draw flowers. Doodle complex or simple flower doodles throughout your journal pages. Flower doodles are easy and pretty.
  2. Leaves – Doodle leaves to decorate your journal pages.
  3. Plant doodles – Draw botanical doodles, especially during different seasons.
  4. Mountains – Doodle mountains and hills, and doodle landscapes.
  5. Animal Doodles – Doodle cute animals and animal doodles such as cats, dogs, birds, or elephants.
  6. Food doodles – Draw food doodles such as pizza, ice cream, or fruits.
  7. Geometric Shapes – Doodle basic shapes, geometric shapes like triangles, circles, or squares.
  8. Quotes doodles – Write and doodle inspirational quotes and decorate them with doodles.
  9. Weather doodles – Draw different weather doodles such as rain, sun, clouds, or seasonal plant doodles.
  10. Travel doodles – Doodle places you’ve been to or want to visit.
  11. Zodiac signs – Doodle your zodiac sign or all 12 signs.
  12. Music doodles – Draw easy doodles of musical notes or instruments.
  13. Sports doodles – Doodle items such as footballs, basketballs, or tennis rackets.
  14. Space doodles – Doodle planets, stars, or galaxies.
  15. People – Doodle people, especially those close to you.
  16. Vehicles – Draw simple doodles of cars or airplanes.
  17. Holiday doodles – Doodle holiday decorations such as Christmas trees or Easter eggs.
  18. Emojis – Doodle popular emojis to express your emotions. Emojis are so much fun and add instant cute factors to your bullet journal pages.
  19. Mandalas – Doodle mandalas for a meditative experience.
  20. Patterns – Doodle patterns such as stripes, polka dots, or chevrons.
  21. Insects – Doodle insects such as butterflies, bees, or ladybugs.
  22. Landmarks Doodle – Doodle famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty.
  23. Landscapes Doodle – Doodle landscapes such as beaches, mountains, forests, and hot air balloons. Draw hot air balloons flying in the mountains.
  24. Winter doodles – Doodle objects corresponding to winter such as drawing snowflakes and leaves during the winter.
  25. Hobbies doodles – Doodle items related to your hobbies, such as books, cameras, or paints.
  26. Technology doodles – Draw awesome doodles of technology items such as smartphones or laptops.
  27. Buildings Doodle – Doodle buildings such as houses, skyscrapers, or castles.
  28. Nautical doodles – Doodle nautical items such as anchors or ships.
  29. Beverages doodles – Doodle warm winter drinks and cups such as coffee cups or tea. These are a favorite type of doodles for coffee lovers.
  30. Desserts Doodle – Doodle desserts such as cakes or cupcakes.
  31. Celestial doodles – Draw whimsical doodles of celestial items such as moons or stars.
  32. Cactus doodles – Doodle cactus plants of different sizes and shapes. Some people prefer drawing cacti instead of flowers.
  33. Nature doodles – Draw easy doodles and nature items such as plant doodles or flower doodles.
  34. Art supplies Doodle – Doodle art supplies such as pencils or paints.
  35. Love doodles – Doodle hearts or other symbols of love.
  36. Fantasy doodles – Doodle fantasy items such as dragons or unicorns.
  37. Cartoon doodles – Doodle your favorite cartoon characters.
  38. Ocean doodles – Doodle sea creatures such as seashells or waves or sea botanical doodles.
  39. School doodles – Draw step-by-step doodles of school-related items such as books or pencils.
  40. Movies doodles – Draw step-by-step doodles of items related to your favorite movies.
  41. TV shows doodles – Doodle items related to your favorite TV shows.
  42. Disney doodles – Draw Disney doodles.
  43. Harry Potter doodles – Draw Harry Potter doodles. Characters, items or creatures from Harry Potter movies.
  44. Fruit doodles – Draw fruit doodles and fruit flower doodles.
  45. Christmas doodles – Draw Christmas doodles and items related to Christmas.
  46. Halloween doodles – Draw Halloween doodles and items related to the celebration.
  47. Comics doodles – Doodle simple drawings of your favorite comic book characters.
  48. Banner doodles – Doodle banner and heading doodles.
  49. Birthday doodles – Draw birthday doodles and birthday-related items.
  50. Summer doodles – Draw summer doodles related to the summer season or summer plant doodles in your summer bullet journal pages.
  51. Book doodles – Doodle literary items and books.
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20 doodles symbols

  1. 🎨 Paintbrush for the art doodles
  2. ⚽ Football for sports doodles
  3. 😊 Smiley face for emoji doodles
  4. 🌎 Globe for space doodles
  5. 👩 Person for people doodles
  6. 🚗 Car for vehicle doodles
  7. 🎄 Christmas tree for holiday doodles
  8. 🌊 Wave for ocean doodles
  9. ⛩ Shinto shrine for cultural doodles
  10. ✏ Pencil for school doodles
  11. 🔗 Link symbol for web-related doodles
  12. 👻 Ghost for Halloween doodles
  13. 🎈 Balloon for birthday doodles
  14. 🐶 Dog for pet doodles
  15. 🍩 Donut for food doodles
  16. ⛱ Beach umbrella for summer doodles
  17. 📖 Open book for reading-related doodles
  18. 🗺 Map symbol for travel-related doodles
  19. 👟 Sneakers for fitness doodles
  20. 🚀 Rocket for space exploration doodles.


Tips for using bullet journal doodle ideas

The following advice will help you get the most out of your bullet journal doodling:

  • Practice regularly – Your doodles will get better the more you practice doodling. Watch doodling tutorials and follow step-by-step tutorials and start doodling and generating more ideas.
  • Keep it simple – Don’t try to create complex drawings if you’re starting or following doodle prompts.


  • Experiment with different styles – Try different types to find what works best for you then add it to your journal.
  • Use different colors – Experiment with different colors to make your doodles stand out.


  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes – Doodles are meant to be fun and creative, so don’t worry if you make mistakes. Watch doodle tutorials on YouTube videos and follow step-by-step tutorials to learn how to doodle and create art. You can find great tutorials of drawing or doodle tutorials or step-by-step tutorials.
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  • Use doodles to highlight important information – Use doodles to draw attention to your cover pages, and use brush lettering, and a micron pen to highlight important information in your journal.
  • Add doodles to your weekly or monthly spreads – Adding one doodle or more to your weekly or monthly minimalist bullet journals can make them more engaging and enjoyable.


How do you doodle a journal?

Here is a simple step-by-step tutorial for your own journal.

  • Start by sketching out the basic shape of the doodle on a blank piece of paper. Think about what elements you want to include and how they will fit together.
  • Use your pencil to draw in all the details, taking care to make sure everything is symmetrical and looks balanced as you go along.
  • Once it’s complete, start inking the doodle using a pen or marker.
  • After your doodle is finished, add some color to make it pop! You can use any color palette you like, and use different shades of each one for more depth.
  • Finally, cut out the doodle and attach it to your journal with adhesive. You can also use washi tape or a glue stick if you don’t have any other options.

And there you have it! With this simple doodle tutorial, you should be able to create some amazing doodles for your journal.




What can you do in a doodle diary?

A doodle diary is a creative and artistic way to express yourself! You can use your doodle diary to draw, paint, write stories or poems, and keep track of your day-to-day activities. It’s also great for staying organized and making plans.

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Additionally, you can add items that make it truly unique such as stickers, photos, and drawings from your favorite books or movies.

There are limitless possibilities when it comes to creating an original doodle diary! With the help of some creativity and imagination, you can make your doodle diary a fun space for expressing yourself in any way you choose.


How do you doodle for beginners?

Doodling can be fun and easy for beginners! Start by sketching basic shapes with your pencil, like circles or squares. Then add details such as eyes, nose, and mouth to the shape until you get a simple character.

Next, use markers or colored pencils to add color to your doodle. You can also add patterns and words to your doodle if you want.

Finally, experiment with different styles and techniques such as shading or using cross-hatching for a more detailed look. With experimentation, you’ll be able to your unique style of doodling


Bottom line

Bullet journal doodling is an easy and fun way to add creativity to your journal. With these 51 bullet journal doodle ideas, you can make your journal more fun and engaging.

Remember to practice and watch doodle tutorials regularly, follow doodle prompts, draw new doodles, keep it simple, and experiment with different styles and colors.

Whether you prefer drawing cacti or you prefer to draw snowflakes, the following doodles will help you make your bullet journal look amazing! So what are you waiting for? Grab your supplies and get doodling!

Happy Doodling! 🌈✍️🎨




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