101 Couples Journal Prompts


Relationships are built on communication and understanding. While it can be difficult to find the right words, writing down your thoughts in a journal or shared notebook can help you express yourself more clearly and make sure that both of you are heard. In this blog post, I will share with you 101 couples journal prompts to get your relationship conversations going.


101 Couples Journal Prompts

1. What was your first impression of each other?

2. How would you describe your relationship now?

3. Describe something that makes you feel close to one another.

4. Are there any issues in your relationship that need to be addressed?


5. What are some of the things you appreciate about each other?

6. What are your favorite memories together?

7. If you could dream up a perfect date night, what would it be like?




8. Do you both have similar hopes for the future of your relationship?

9. What are some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned from each other?

10. What advice would you give to a couple just starting out?

11. How have both of your lives changed since getting together?

12. How do you make each other laugh?


13. What are some of the qualities that attracted you to each other initially?

14. Do you have any common interests or hobbies?

15. What do you think makes your relationship unique?

16. Do you have any differences of opinion that haven’t been resolved yet?


17. What are some of the biggest challenges you have faced as a couple?

18. How do you keep the romance alive in your relationship?

19. What would be an ideal way to spend a weekend together?

20. Are there any unresolved feelings or issues from past relationships that affect your current relationship?

21. Do you have any special ways of saying “I love you” without words?


22. How do you show affection to each other in practical ways?

23. What are some of the goals and dreams you have as a couple?

24. How can you continue to stay in tune with each other’s needs and wants?

25. What are some tips for working through conflict as a team?


26. Are there any aspects of your relationship that need more attention or focus?

27. What kind of support do you provide each other with?

28. What are some of the values and beliefs you share as a couple?

29. In what ways have you both grown since getting together?


30. How can you make time for each other despite busy schedules or commitments?

31. Are there any areas in which you think your relationship could improve?

32. Are there any issues you’d like to discuss with a professional or therapist?

33. What would be your dream vacation as a couple?

34. Do you have specific goals for the near, mid, and far future of your relationship?


35. How do you handle disagreements when they arise?

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36. What are some of the most meaningful moments you’ve shared together?

37. How can you keep the communication lines open between you both?

38. What kind of activities do you enjoy doing together as a couple?


39. Is it important for each partner to have some “me time” away from the relationship?

40. Are there any areas in which you need to work on your relationship skills?

41. How has being together affected each of your individual lives?

42. What are some of the small things you do for one another that show care and attention?


43. Are there any common topics or issues that tend to create tension in your relationship?

44. Do you have any rituals or special occasions that you celebrate together?

45. What are 5 things you love about your partner’s body?

46. How have your respective families impacted your romantic relationship in positive ways?


47. Are there any topics or boundaries that should be discussed directly between the two of you?

48. What would be your ideal date night at home?

49. Are there any common challenges or life events that have made you stronger as a couple?

50. How do you make sure each of your needs are met in the relationship?


51. Do you have any special goals for the future of your healthy relationship that may be difficult to achieve?

52. What would be an ideal day spent together?

53. What are some of the ways you keep your relationship interesting and fresh?

54. Do you have any long-term dreams for the future of your relationship?

55. What couple of goals have you set for yourselves?


56. What are your long-term goals as a couple?

57. Do you have any strategies to help you stay focused on achieving your couple’s goals?

58. Are there any areas in which one partner is particularly supportive of the other’s goals?

59. What kind of inspiration or motivation do you offer each other when it comes to couple goals?

60. Do you have any common interests that you are working on together?


61. How do you measure success in achieving your couple goals?

62. Are there any areas where one partner could help the other reach their individual goals?

63. How do you know when it’s time to let go of a goal or move on from an idea?

64. What’s the most important thing for both partners to remember when setting couple goals?

65. Do you have any tips for staying committed and motivated when working towards a common goal?


66. If you had to describe your relationship in three words, what would it be and why?

67. What are some of the challenges that have tested your relationship?

68. What is one lesson or insight you have gained from being in a relationship with your partner?

69. What is one thing you are grateful for in your partner that you may not have expressed enough?

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70. What kind of support do you provide each other with?


71. How can you make time for each other despite busy schedules or commitments?

72. How do you handle money and budgeting as a couple?

73. How do you envision your ideal date night together?

74. Describe a moment when you felt the most loved and appreciated by your partner.

75. In what ways can you improve communication with your partner?


76. What special gift would you most like to receive this year?

77. What things are deal breakers for you in your relationship?

78. Are there any issues you’d like to discuss with a professional or therapist?

79. What are some of the values and beliefs you share as a couple?

80. What would be an ideal way to spend a weekend together?


81. What is your favorite thing about the day that you met your partner?

82. If you could go back in time and change one thing in your relationship, would you? If so, what would it be?

83. How do you feel about your partner’s friends?

84. How do you support each other’s interests and hobbies?


85. What is one goal or dream you have as a couple and how can you work towards it together?

86. How do you envision your relationship evolving and growing in the next five years?

87. What are the three qualities you admire most about your partner?

88. How can you make your partner feel more loved?

89. Are there any areas in which you need to work on your relationship skills?


90. If you could choose a theme song for your relationship, what would it be and why?

91. What is one cherished memory from your relationship that you never want to forget?

92. What is emotional Intimacy mean to you?

93. What is one small, everyday thing your partner does that always makes you smile?

94. What is one adventurous activity or destination you both want to experience together in the future?

95. How does your partner feel about your friends?


96. What is your love language?

97. What is your partner’s love language?

98. What is emotional connection mean to you?

99. What’s something you and your partner struggle with?

100. How does your partner inspire you?

101. What is something that can always make your partner laugh?


How to Get Started with Couples Journal


Choose a Journal

Find something you both like that will be dedicated to your conversations. Consider using a paper journal for writing down your thoughts and responses, or use an app or online platform for couples’ journaling.


Set Aside Time

Scheduling time each week to focus on the journal prompts for relationships provides structure and encourages regular conversation and connection between partners.


Choose a Prompt

Going through this list of 101 couples journal prompts can help you get started. Select one that resonates with both of you or alternate between choosing the prompt each week.

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Talk and Listen

Make sure to set aside time for both partners to share their thoughts and feelings on the prompt without interruption or judgment, you can also create a shared journal.



When it’s your turn to talk, think about how the prompt makes you feel and what comes up for you when considering the questions.


Ask Followup Questions

Ask clarifying questions if you need to understand each other better or want more information on a particular topic.

Take Notes

Make sure to write down your answers as well as the thoughts and feelings that come up during the conversation.



Look back on past prompts and conversations regularly to reflect on how you’ve grown together over time.


Have Fun

Don’t forget to have fun with these prompts! Try setting a timer and see how many topics you can cover in a certain amount of time. Or use it as an opportunity to share stories or silly memories with each other.


Tips for Using Couples Journaling Prompts Successfully


Set aside regular time to journal together

Whether it’s every Sunday morning or once a month, having a consistent date for reflection is key.


Establish ground rules before you start writing

Make sure both partners feel comfortable talking and writing openly about their feelings and experiences.


Ask questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or suggest responses to prompts. It’s okay to gently guide each other when you’re stuck.


Express yourself freely

Make sure you both have an opportunity to express yourselves freely and honestly. This isn’t a competition, it’s an exercise in understanding one another better.



Don’t forget to listen carefully and give your partner space to speak. Respect their point of view and be open to discussing it further.


Be kind

Remember that couples journaling is meant to bring you closer together, not push you apart. Be kind and thoughtful when talking about touchy subjects or difficult feelings.


Celebrate success

Make sure to find a way to celebrate your successes! Whether it’s a special dinner out or just a quiet night at home, make time to recognize the progress you’ve made together.


Bottom Line

Couples journaling is a great tool for strengthening relationships. It can help foster an open and honest dialogue, encourage communication, and build trust.

Couples can use questions and prompts to explore their feelings, discuss topics they may not be comfortable talking about in person, or simply reminisce about happy memories. With so many couples journaling prompts to choose from, you’ll never run out of ways to deepen your connection and build a stronger relationship.



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