55 Elementary Journal Prompts

Journaling Prompts


We all know that journaling can be an incredibly therapeutic and calming practice. It gives us a chance to reflect on our lives, share our thoughts and feelings, and just take a few moments out of each day to relax. For elementary school students in particular, journaling can be a great way for them to express their creativity and get into the habit of self-reflection. In this article, I will share with you 55 elementary journal prompts for kids to help them get started.


55 elementary journal prompts


Here are 55 journal writing prompts specifically geared toward elementary school kids:

1. Describe what your ideal day would be like.

2. What did you learn in school today that you found interesting?


3. Write about something that makes you feel proud of yourself.

4. If you could design your own room, what would it look like?

5. Draw a picture of the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen.


6. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

7. How do your feelings change depending on the people around you?

8. What are some of your favorite holidays with friends or family members?




9. What is something you want to learn how to do?

10. Write a story about an adventure you would like to take.

11. Describe what it feels like when you’re angry or sad.


12. How do you show kindness and compassion towards others?

13. When was the last time someone made you laugh?

14. What did you do on your last adventure?


15. Describe a time when you helped someone out.

16. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

17. What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned?


18. What is one thing that scares you?

19. How would the world be different if animals could talk?

20. What would be your perfect job when you’re older?


21. Write about a time when someone or something made you feel really happy.

22. How has the world changed since you were born?

23. If you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be?


24. Describe the most amazing sunset you’ve ever seen.

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25. Write a letter to your future self.

26. What do you want to be when you grow up?

27. Describe a time when you overcame a challenge or obstacle in your life.


28. If you could invent anything, what would it be and why?

29. How do you think technology has changed people’s lives?

30. How can you make the world around you a better place?

31. What are some of your biggest dreams and goals?


32. Name three things that bring you joy.

33. Describe what it feels like to be in nature.

34. What would you do if you had a time machine?

35. If you could have any pet, what would it be and why?


36. What are some of the most important values that you live by?

37. Think of a person who inspires and motivates you – why do they inspire and motivate you?

38. Write a poem about something that brings beauty to your life.


39. How do the actions of people affect animals and the environment?

40. What is one thing that you wish everyone in the world understood?

41. What do you think could make school better for all students?

42. Write a story about a time when something happened that you weren’t expecting.


43. Describe how it feels to be accomplished after completing something difficult.

44. If you had an entire day off, what would you do with it?

45. Imagine living in a different country – what would be the same and what would be different?

46. Name three things that make you feel strong and powerful inside yourself.


47. What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned from your parents?

48. What do you think is the most important thing for a person to have in life?

49. Write about something that makes you feel brave and courageous.


50. Describe what it feels like when you are being creative.

51. How has technology changed how people communicate with each other?

52. If you could create any type of art, what would it be and why?


53. Describe your favorite fairy tale from childhood.

54. Think of one way that you can make someone else’s day better – then go do it!

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55. Choose a quote or saying that speaks to you – then explain why it resonates with you.

How to Setup Elementary Journal


Choose a journal

Whether it’s a plain notebook or a fun, colorful design, find something that speaks to your student’s style and interests.


Make it fun

Personalize the journal with stickers, drawings, color pens, etc. so that your child looks forward to writing in it each day.


Set a schedule

Establish a specific time, such as before or after school, when your child will write in their journal. This helps to make it a regular part of their routine.


Brainstorm ideas

Create some writing prompts that your child can use to get started on their entries each day. You could also give them free rein to write about whatever they want.


Allow for free writing

Along with specific prompts, let your child explore their own ideas and feelings through creative writing.


Make it social

If your student feels comfortable discussing what they’ve written in their journal, invite them to share it with you or a best friend or family member.


Show appreciation

Let your child know that you value their writing and appreciate their efforts, no matter how long or short the entries are.


Give feedback

Encourage your student to write more by providing constructive feedback when appropriate.


Celebrate progress

Remind them of all that they’ve accomplished and celebrate the successes they’ve achieved while writing in their journal.


How to Organize Elementary Journals


Pick a notebook or journal

Choose a notebook or journal that you feel comfortable writing in and that fits your style.


Create an Index

Use the first few pages of your journal to create an index so that you can easily refer back to past entries.


Create Sections

Divide your journal into sections that reflect the different topics and themes you would like to explore throughout your writing.


Set Writing Goals

Set yourself smaller, achievable goals for how often you want to write in your journal. This could be a certain number of pages each week, or even just one page per day.


Choose a Writing Style

Decide which writing style works best for you, whether it’s free-form or structured.

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Choose a Structure

Decide how you want to structure your journal entries. You could write about a different topic each day, or even set up an “answer this” writing prompt for yourself every time you write.


Set Aside Time

Set aside some time each day (or as often as possible) to reflect and write in your journal.


Tips for Using Elementary Journaling Prompts Successfully


Start with simple prompts

Begin your journaling journey by writing about topics and elementary writing prompts you’re comfortable with and familiar with.


Encourage creativity

Use kids writing prompts to encourage your reluctant writers to think creatively and explore different ways of expressing themselves.


Listen actively

When reading a student’s journal entries, make sure that you are actively listening and engaging with what they have written.


Be supportive

Provide a safe space for students to share their thoughts and feelings without judgment.


Ask questions

Asking questions can help your student to explore topics in greater depth and gain more insight into the subject matter.


Make it fun

Use fun writing prompts that are interesting, exciting, or entertaining for your student to ensure that they remain engaged in their writing.


Celebrate accomplishments

Encourage and celebrate the small successes of your student, as this will help them to feel more confident in their writing skills.


Bottom Line

Elementary journaling is a great way to encourage creative expression, cultivate self-reflection, and introduce the basics of writing.

By setting up a journal, providing creative writing prompts that match your student’s interests, and offering guidance on how to best use the journals, you can help students maximize their learning potential and explore new ways of thinking through reflective writing.

With these 55 journal elementary school writing prompts, your students will have plenty of ideas to jumpstart their writing journey. So, why not get started today? Let the adventure begin!



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