How To Start Aesthetic Journaling: With Ideas & Pictures

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Aesthetic journaling has become increasingly popular over the years, as it allows individuals to express themselves creatively and also serves as a form of self-care. This type of journaling combines elements of traditional journaling with art, design, and aesthetics. In this blog post, we will discuss how to start aesthetic journaling, provide some ideas for inspiration, and include pictures to help you get started.


What is meant by aesthetic journal?

An aesthetic journal is a personal, visually pleasing diary where individuals artistically document their thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a professional tone, creating a beautifully designed chronicle of their life. 


Unlike traditional diaries, aesthetic journals focus on creativity, utilizing various art forms like painting, calligraphy, and collage to express emotions. 


They allow for the freedom of self-expression, enabling users to curate their journals in their way. 

Essentially, an aesthetic journal is a stunning blend of personal storytelling in  bullet journals and artistic expression, making it unique and visually appealing.


What do I need to start an aesthetic journal?

To start an aesthetic journal, you will need a few essential items:

  • A high-quality journal or notebook with aesthetically pleasing covers
  • Art supplies such as watercolors, markers, stickers, washi tape, and colored pencils
  • Optional: stencils, stamps, and other decorative tools to add more variety to your pages


How to start aesthetic journaling.

Starting an aesthetic journal is an exciting journey that allows for self-expression and creativity. To begin, follow these steps:

Choose Your Journal:

Select a beautiful journal or notebook that resonates with your style. Aesthetic journals are often bound in high-quality materials and feature visually pleasing covers. 

For instance, a leather-bound journal with embossed designs or a floral-themed notebook can be appealing.


Collect Art Supplies:

Gather an array of art supplies like watercolors, markers, stickers, washi tape, and colored pencils. These materials will help you create visually engaging pages in your journal.


Create a Layout:

Plan the layout of your pages. For example, design a monthly calendar spread where you can record important dates and events. Use your artistic skills to make it visually stunning.


Write in a Professional Tone:

When journaling, maintain a professional tone while sharing your thoughts and experiences. For instance, instead of writing, “I had a great day,” you can express it as “Today, I experienced moments of sheer joy.”


Incorporate Visual Elements:

Add images, drawings, or collages that reflect the emotions or events you’re documenting. For instance, if you had a memorable hiking trip, sketch a scenic view or attach a photo.


Personalize Your Entries:

Tailor your journal in your own way. Your journal must represent your unique style and personality, so don’t be afraid to experiment.




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Why do people do aesthetic journaling?

People engage in aesthetic journaling for several reasons, making it a rewarding and satisfying practice. Here’s why:



Aesthetic journaling offers a platform for individuals to express their thoughts, emotions, and experiences in their way. It allows them to translate their inner feelings into visually beautiful entries. This process is therapeutic and provides an outlet for self-expression.


Mindfulness and Reflection:

Aesthetic journaling encourages reflection on life events. By documenting experiences and emotions in a beautiful journal with a professional tone, individuals can develop a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them.


Stress Relief:

The act of creating aesthetically pleasing pages can be calming and stress-relieving. It promotes relaxation and helps reduce anxiety, as individuals immerse themselves in the creative process.


Goal Tracking:

Aesthetic journals often include elements of bullet journaling. People use them to set and track goals, making them a practical tool for personal development and organization. For example, creating a “Year in Review” page can help track progress over time.


Memories and Creativity:

Aesthetic journaling preserves memories in a visually appealing manner. People cherish these journals as keepsakes, reliving the moments they’ve documented. 

The creative aspect allows them to enhance their artistic skills and enjoy the process of designing beautiful pages.


How do I fill my notebook aesthetic?

To fill your notebook aesthetically, focus on the selection results of your preferred themes and colors. 


Aesthetic journaling often includes doodles, drawings, and decorative elements. Employ bullet journal techniques like creating trackers for habits or moods. 


Use your own way of storytelling, combining text and visuals to make each page visually appealing. Ensure that every full page is harmonious and reflects your unique style, making your notebook a beautiful journal that you can be proud of.


What do you need to make aesthetic notes?

Creating aesthetic notes requires a few essential aesthetic journaling supplies. These include high-quality pens, markers, and stickers for vibrant colors and details. 


Washi tape, stencils, and watercolor brushes are also useful for added creativity. To make your notes stand out, incorporate bullet journaling elements, such as bullet points and symbols


Combine all these elements in your way to craft beautiful notes that resonate with your aesthetic preferences.


What to do with an empty notebook aesthetic?

When faced with an empty notebook, seize the opportunity to begin a new creative journey. Use bullet journaling layouts that suit your style to plan and organize your thoughts. 

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Experiment with various aesthetic journaling prompts to spark your creativity and fill those blank pages with content that resonates with you. 


The key is to approach your empty notebook with excitement, letting your way of journaling guide you toward creating a beautiful journal.


What are aesthetic journaling supplies?

Aesthetic journaling supplies encompass a wide range of tools, including colored pens, markers, and washi tape. 


Stickers and stamps are also popular choices for adding visual appeal. When employing bullet journal techniques, select a high-quality notebook that can handle various mediums. 


These supplies enhance your creativity and enable you to design beautiful, aesthetically pleasing pages in your journal, making the process of bullet journaling a joy.


How to create aesthetic journal spreads?

Creating aesthetic journal spreads involves designing two-facing pages of your journal to visually coordinate. 


You can employ bullet journal techniques to create cohesive layouts, combining images, text, and decorative elements to tell a story or record events. 


Utilize your way of organizing the information, ensuring that each spread is harmonious and visually pleasing, which is a key aspect of aesthetic journaling.


What are aesthetic journaling layouts?

Aesthetic journaling layouts refer to the structured designs used to arrange content in your journal. 


These layouts, often inspired by bullet journals, help you present your ideas in an organized and visually appealing way.

 Common layouts include calendars, habit trackers, and mood boards, all designed in your way to reflect your style. 

The essence is to make your journal not only informative but also a beautiful journal to behold.


How to do aesthetic journaling on a budget?

Aesthetic journaling doesn’t have to break the bank. You can find affordable bullet journal supplies at discount stores. 


Repurpose old magazines and materials, and use your way to create beautiful journal pages. DIY stickers and stencils are cost-effective solutions. 


The key is to balance your creative impulses with budget-conscious decisions, ensuring that your aesthetic journal reflects your style without overspending.


What are aesthetic journaling prompts?

Aesthetic journaling prompts are creative cues that inspire your journal entries. These prompts encourage you to explore your way of expression, helping you design beautiful journal pages.

Here are some examples of aesthetic journaling prompts:

  • Create a page inspired by your favorite song lyrics, using colors and images that represent the emotions it evokes.
  • Design a spread showcasing your daily routine, employing elements like habit trackers and time logs.
  • Make a mood board using magazine cutouts to capture your current state of mind.
  • Record special memories from a recent trip or event in an aesthetically pleasing way.
  • Create a “gratitude log” page, where you list things you are thankful for and decorate it with colorful illustrations or inspiring quotes.
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How to use aesthetic journaling for self-care?

Aesthetic journaling can be a therapeutic self-care practice. Employing aesthetic prompts like “List five things you’re grateful for today” or “Create a page that represents your goals” can help you reflect on your emotions and aspirations. 


The act of designing beautiful journal pages itself is a form of self-expression and stress relief. Here are ten aesthetic prompts to get you started:

  • Draw a self-portrait, focusing on your favorite features.
  • Design a page that reflects your dream vacation destination.
  • Creatively document your daily routine.
  • Illustrate a page of your favorite quotes.
  • Capture your mood using colors and symbols.
  • Create a page dedicated to your accomplishments.
  • Design a vision board for your future.
  • Explore your favorite childhood memories through art.
  • Express your current emotions through abstract drawings.
  • Craft a page that represents your ideal self.




How to do aesthetic journaling with stickers?

Stickers are fantastic tools for adding aesthetic appeal to your journal. Use them to embellish your pages, divide sections or draw attention to important entries. 


Experiment with layering and placement in your way to create beautiful journal layouts that pop. Stickers complement bullet journaling elements and are versatile for adding a touch of creativity to your pages.


What are aesthetic journaling ideas for school?

Aesthetic journaling can be a valuable tool for school-related tasks. Employ bullet journaling techniques to create study schedules, track assignments, and set academic goals. 


Use colorful pens and stickers in your own way to make your school journal beautiful and engaging. Incorporate aesthetic prompts like “Summarize a lesson with visual icons” to enhance your understanding and retention of the material. These ideas help you blend aesthetics with productivity in your school journal.


Bottom line:

Aesthetic journaling allows you to create beautiful, visually appealing pages that reflect your unique style and thoughts.

Experiment with different techniques and supplies in your way to design a journal that sparks joy and serves as a therapeutic outlet for self-expression. 


You make an aesthetic journal of a union pay visa credit card or aesthetic checks, a cart check, or your first order check as a creative way to track expenses and set financial goals.

The possibilities are endless, making aesthetic journaling a fun and versatile tool for self-care, productivity, and creativity.

With aesthetic prompts, layouts, and supplies at your disposal, the possibilities for creating a stunning journal are endless.



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