What Is Journaling Art?

What Is Journaling Art

Journaling art is a form of self-expression that combines written thoughts and feelings with creative elements like drawing, painting, photography, and collage. This type of art can be used to document your journey through life, help process difficult emotions, or simply provide a fun way to express yourself. In this article, we’ll explore what is journaling art, the different types of journaling art, as well as tips for getting started.


What is journaling art?

Journaling art is an incredibly versatile form of self-expression that can be used to represent both internal and external experiences. 

It combines written thoughts, feelings, ideas, or memories with creative elements like drawing, painting, photography, collage, and more. 


The primary purpose of journaling art is to help the creator express themselves in a meaningful way. In an art journal, you need to create a visual representation of their thoughts, feelings, and/or experiences.



What Is Journaling Art


Types of Art Journal

  • Visual Journaling: This is a type of visual diary that focuses on creating visuals to help express your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Visuals can include drawing, painting, photography, collage, and other forms of art.


  • Documentary Journaling: This type of journaling uses photographs and other visual elements to document a journey or experience.



  • Artistic Storytelling: This form of art journaling involves using creative elements to tell a story. This could be a personal story or something inspired by popular culture.



  • Mixed Media Journal: Mixed media art journaling combines multiple creative elements like drawing, painting, photography, and more to create a unique visual representation.
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  • Creative Journaling: This type of art journaling focuses on creating visuals that are creative and expressive. This could include abstract visuals, surrealism, or anything else that allows you to express yourself.






Tips for creating an art journal

Find Inspiration

Take some time to find inspiration for your art journal. You can look at other people’s journals, browse through art magazines or websites, or draw from your own life experiences and memories.


Start small

Don’t feel like you have to create a masterpiece every single time you open up your journal. Instead, start an art journal while focusing on the basics. Just pick up your pen or pencil, and start drawing, writing or just playful mark-making, whatever comes to mind.



Don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques, simple art materials, and styles when creating your journal entries. This will help you find the best way for you to express yourself through art.



Like any other art form, practice makes perfect. Give yourself permission to make mistakes and create imperfect pieces of art, also look for art journaling tutorials online. This will help you become more comfortable and confident in your creative process.


Set a Goal

Setting a goal for each journal entry can help keep you motivated and focused on creating something meaningful. This could be as simple as creating one page per day or filling an entire journal in a month.


Take Breaks

Making art can be mentally and emotionally exhausting, so it’s important to take breaks when needed. This will help you recharge and come back to your art with a refreshed perspective.

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Find Your Voice

Find the type of voice that best expresses who you are and use it in your journaling. This could be a poetic voice, an analytical voice, or anything else that resonates with you.


Organize Your Supplies

Having your supplies organized and accessible will make journaling much easier and more enjoyable. Invest in some storage containers to keep all of your art materials within reach.


Make It Fun

Remember that art is meant to be fun! Don’t get too caught up in creating the perfect piece. Instead, just enjoy the creative process and let your creative ideas flow freely.


Find a Community

Joining an art journaling community can be a great way to get inspired and motivated to create meaningful pieces of art. Look for online communities, meetups, or workshops where you can connect with like-minded people.


How to decorate your art journal?

Colored Pencils

Colored pencils are a great tool for adding vibrant, colorful details to your art journal. These can be used to create intricate designs or simply highlight keywords and phrases.


Paint Pens

Paint pens are fun and easy to use when creating art journals. They come in a variety of colors and can be used to create bold, vibrant designs.



Markers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them an ideal tool for art journaling. They can be used to draw, color, or write on your pages, depending on the design you’re going for.



Stencils are great for adding unique patterns and designs to your art journal. There are a variety of stencils available, so you can find one that fits the theme of your own journal.

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Washi Tape

Washi tape is an adhesive tape that comes in a variety of colors and patterns. It’s perfect for adding decorative elements to your art journal pages or creating custom borders around your art.



Glitter is a fun and sparkly way to add some pizzazz to your journal pages. It can help bring your artwork to life in an exciting way.



If you want to take your art journaling to the next level, stickers are a great option. You can find stickers with any design or theme, making them perfect for any type of journal.



Embellishments like buttons, sequins, and fabric can be added to your art journal pages to give them a unique look. These are great for creating special mementos or adding an extra touch of sparkle and shine.


Bottom Line

Art journaling is an incredibly versatile and personal form of expression that allows you to explore your creativity. Whether it’s memory journaling, artistic storytelling, exploratory journaling, mixed media journaling, or something else entirely, the possibilities for creative expression are endless. 

With the right art journal supplies and tools at hand, anyone can create beautiful pieces of art to express themselves through journaling! With a little practice and patience, you can make your art journal a reflection of who you are. So grab some art supplies and get creative today! Happy journaling!



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