What Are The Benefits Of Nature Journaling?

Nature journaling is the practice of creating a written or visual record of nature observations. So what are the benefits of nature journaling?

Nature journaling can help you gain a new appreciation for the environment around you, while also sparking creativity and igniting curiosity. In this article, I will discuss with you the benefits of nature journaling and provide you with journal prompts to help you get started.

What are the Benefits of Nature Journaling?

Enhances mental well-being by providing an inspiring outlet for stress relief, relaxation, and positive thinking.

Aids in developing mindfulness and being present by providing an opportunity to focus on the beauty of nature rather than everyday concerns.

Enhances observation skills, as greater attention to detail is needed when tracking changes in plants and animals over time.


Develops naturalist knowledge by encouraging spending time to further exploration and research into different species found in the area being observed.

Creates a sense of connection with nature, as the journal becomes a personal account of your experiences with it.


Encourages creativity with its wide range of possibilities for recording observations; from sketches, and photographs to written descriptions or even audio recordings!

Promotes appreciation for wildlife and habitats as increased understanding leads to greater respect and conservation.


Helps to document changes in nature such as seasonal variation and the effects of climate change over time.

Inspires people to explore further areas and learn more about their local environment.


Provides an opportunity for learning more about scientific concepts, such as how plants reproduce or why animals behave in certain ways.

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Enhances communication skills by providing a platform to share your experiences with others through your journal entries, photographs, or drawings.


Increases confidence in naturalist knowledge gained from the experience and encourages further exploration into unknown species or habitats.

Encourages reflection on how you interact with nature; creating awareness of any negative impacts you might be making which can lead to positive change.


Offers an educational platform to teach children the importance of nature conservation and appreciation of their surroundings.

Creates a lasting memory of your experience in nature, allowing you to relive it anytime you want!




What do you write in nature journals?

Below are some nature journaling prompts:

  • What plants do you see?
  • Describe the weather and surrounding environment.
  • Sketch the animals you come across in your journey
  • Draw the clouds and the changes in their shapes over time
  • Record the sounds of nature such as birds, insects, etc
  • Capture any interesting patterns or textures in nature
  • Make a note of any seasonal changes in nature
  • Document any fascinating facts about wildlife or plants that you find out
  • Collect leaves, pine cones, and feathers to add to your journal
  • Track sightings of different species over time
  • Share stories from your outdoor adventures
  • Include pressed flowers or sketches of plants in your journal
  • Compare how the environment changes over time
  • Trace the paths of animals or birds
  • Describe the smell of nature and the air around you
  • Make note of any natural phenomenons like rainbows or sunsets
  • Track your movements as you explore your surroundings
  • Jot down insights into yourself, emotions, and reflections on life
  • Capture interesting conversations with other adventurers
  • Take photos to document what you have seen and experienced during that day
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How do you start a nature journal?

Start Small

Begin nature journaling with just a few minutes of journaling at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the task.


Be Creative

Nature journaling doesn’t have to be about writing, drawing, or sketching, it can also include photography, audio recordings, and more!


Make It Personal

Incorporate your reflections, curious mind, other senses, and insights into each journal entry for an even deeper connection with nature.

Time spent outside with your unlined pad, art supplies, and observing will bring a big change to your personality.


Take Breaks

Step away from your journal to enjoy the fresh air outdoors and do physical activity, reduce stress, and free yourself from distractions.


Share Your Experiences

Write down the conversations you had with other adventurers or share stories from your journey


Make Comparisons

Note any changes in plants or animals over time and document their behavior patterns as best as you can.


Collect Objects

Press flowers, and collect leaves or feathers to add to your journal for an even more unique experience!


Be Observant

Pay attention to the smallest details in nature, create a sound map and take note of what you observe in your journal. Notice what is around you and encourage yourself to write in words.


Do Your Research

Look up any plants or animals that you come across in your journey that you don’t recognize and learn some interesting facts about them!


Have Fun

Most importantly, enjoy yourself and access many benefits while doing it and let nature inspire you!

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Bottom Line

Nature journaling is an activity that can bring a world of joy and knowledge as it gives us a chance to document our experiences with nature first-hand, as well as deepen our connection and appreciation for our environment.


It has many potential benefits both physically and mentally such as stress relief, enhanced creativity, improved observational skills, increased naturalist knowledge, and more.

The natural world is our greatest classroom, and with nature journaling practice, we can explore its wonders by documenting what we observe, learn, and discover.

Whether you are a kid, parent, doctor, or events coordinator, nature journaling is a fun and educational activity for all ages. So, go ahead and get started with your nature journal today!



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