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We get addicted to our favorite TV shows and sometimes we find it hard to let them go. Why not use this time to write something creative? Here are 101 journal prompts for TV shows that you can use to record your memories and feelings about the show.


101 journal prompts for TV shows

  1. What is your favorite TV show and why?
  2. Write about a moment from a TV show that made you cry or moved you emotionally in some way.
  3. If you could pick one character from your favorite show to be best friends with, who would it be?
  4. Is there an episode of a TV show that resonated with you? Why?
  5. What do you think is the most powerful message conveyed through a TV show?
  6. List five characters from your favorite show and describe how they’ve changed over time.
  7. If you could write a letter to one of your favorite TV show characters, what would it say?
  8. Describe the best and worst decision a character has ever made in a TV show.
  9. What would you do if you could live out one day in the world of your favorite show?
  10. Research the background and history of a TV show that you like and write about what you learned.
  11. If you could choose one issue that a TV show tackles and write an essay about it, what would you pick?
  12. Imagine a spinoff of your favorite show that follows the story of a minor character. Write out their backstory, world, and adventures.
  13. Describe how your life has been impacted by a particular TV show, character, or storyline.
  14. Write a scene from the perspective of one of your favorite TV show characters.
  15. What would you do differently if you could rewatch and rewrite an episode from a TV show?
  16. Choose two characters from different shows and write about why they should be friends.
  17. List five lessons that you’ve learned from watching a TV show.
  18. If you could cast yourself in any show as a main character, which would it be?
  19. Analyze a season finale of your favorite show and describe what made it so special.
  20. What is the most important value that a TV show has taught you to live by?
  21. Create a list of the most underrated characters from your favorite show.
  22. Describe how a TV show has helped you cope with difficult emotions or situations in your life.
  23. Write about a scene that made you laugh out loud and explain why it was so funny.
  24. Compare two characters from different shows who have
  25. Describe what drew your favorite show in the first place.
  26. Who is your favorite character in a TV show?
  27. Who is your most un-most loved character, and why?
  28. What is your favorite main character?
  29. What life lessons have you learned from the show?
  30. What emotions does your favorite show evoke in you?
  31. Show with a good story?
  32. How has a show impacted your worldview?
  33. What would you change about a show if you could?
  34. Show about your favorite game.
  35. What is the most memorable scene from a show?
  36. How do you relate to the characters in a show?
  37. What do you think motivates the characters in a show?
  38. What do you think your favorite show is trying to teach you?
  39. Your favorite short films?
  40. What is your favorite episode, and why?
  41. What is your least favorite episode, and why?
  42. What is the worst thing you have seen in a show?
  43. What do you think your favorite show’s moral is?
  44. What do you think your favorite show’s overall message is?
  45. What show changed your perspective on life?
  46. What is your favorite food show?
  47. Documentary about Earth’s atmosphere?
  48. Show about the world war?
  49. What is your favorite quote from a show?
  50. What is the most powerful scene from a show?
  51. Show about family?
  52. How does a show make you feel about your own life?
  53. Who was your favorite main character as a little boy?
  54. What show do you want to watch someday?
  55. Show about other languages and cultures?
  56. Show you finished on the same day?
  57. Show you want to forget?
  58. Show about wealth and money?
  59. What about with a wrong message?
  60. Show about that makes you feel safe and happy?
  61. Show about traveling the world?
  62. A fun show about family and friends?
  63. What celebrity do you wish were still alive?
  64. What celebrity do you dream about meeting?
  65. Show about babies and children care?
  66. Favorite story writer?
  67. What fun shows do you remember from your childhood?
  68. Show about future advancement?
  69. Show that made you fall asleep?
  70. What show have you watched last time with your best friend?
  71. Show about the importance of friendship?
  72. Show about science and technology?
  73. Show about a historical event or period?
  74. What show do you watch when something good happened?
  75. Favorite romantic comedy movie/TV show?
  76. Show about music and art?
  77. What show do you wish had more episodes or seasons?
  78. A show that gave you hope? What show gave you the courage to keep going even in tough times?
  79. Show how to make the world a better place.
  80. Show that made you cry?
  81. What show helped you forgive someone who hurt you?
  82. What is your favorite show to watch when feeling down or stressed out?
  83. What’s your favorite scene in star wars?
  84. What are your favorite birthday party shows?
  85. Who’s your favorite singer to start in a TV show? Favorite TV show involving a police officer.
  86. What is your favorite small-town show?
  87. Write about your favorite part episode of The Deserted Island.
  88. What’s your definition of creative ideas? Describe your top creative idea.
  89. What are the most creative ways to make a show entertaining?
  90. Write about how a TV show has changed your view of the world.
  91. Describe a situation in which watching a television show could be beneficial to you or someone else.
  92. What character traits can you learn from TV shows and movies?
  93. Explain why it is important to watch educational shows.
  94. What can people do to make sure they only watch quality television programs? Discuss the importance of good storytelling in a TV show.
  95. How has your favorite show influenced your views on life and relationships?
  96. Name a few ways kids can benefit from watching educational programming.
  97. Describe how you might use a show to teach someone something.
  98. Explain the impact of television on culture and society.
  99. Discuss how TV shows have impacted your view of the world.
  100. Name some negative aspects that come with watching too much television.
  101. Describe how you can use TV shows to better understand other cultures, histories, and traditions.
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Benefits journal prompts for TV shows journaling.

Creative writing prompts can be used to help you explore TV shows and their impact on your life. You can use journal prompts to reflect on characters, storylines, morals, messages, and lessons you’ve learned through watching a show. Romance writing prompts help you explore your romantic relationships and how they’ve been influenced by TV shows.

You could also use prompts to reflect on the effects of spending too much time watching television. For example, you could explore how it affects your sleep schedule or impacts your productivity and motivation levels.

Prompts can help you decide and explore a genre of shows you want to watch. You could explore head-on, the impact of comedies, dramas, action-adventures, or reality TV on your life.


Bottom Line

Using TV shows as the subject of journal prompts can be a great way to explore your thoughts, beliefs, relationships, and lifestyle. You can use these prompts to reflect on how TV shows have impacted your life, your understanding of others, and your creativity.

Prompts can also help you make decisions about the type of show you want to watch, improve your writing skills and explore any negative effects that come with spending too much time watching television.



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