What Is Gratitude Journaling?

What Is Gratitude Journaling

Gratitude journaling is a practice that encourages you to take time each day to reflect on the things you’re thankful for. It’s usually done by writing down your positive emotions, thoughts and feelings in a special journal or notebook, but it can also be done verbally or through art. This type of reflection helps foster an attitude of gratitude and appreciation in our lives, which can have a positive impact on our overall well-being. In this article, we’ll discuss what gratitude journals are and provide you with some prompts.


What is gratitude journaling?

Gratitude journaling practice is a form of contemplation that allows you to take time each day to express gratitude for the things in your life. 

It’s a great way to focus on what you already have and appreciate it more deeply. You can use a physical journal or notebook, or do this practice digitally through a gratitude journal app like Day One. 

Gratitude journaling can help you to feel more connected to yourself and the world, as well as take a break from worrying about your future or dwelling on the past.



How to incorporate gratitude in your life with journaling?

Start each day with a grateful thought

As soon as you wake up in the morning, take a few moments to think about something that you are thankful for. This could be anything from your physical and mental health to your family and friends, or a small detail like the sunshine streaming through your window.



Express gratitude throughout the day

Remind yourself often throughout the day to have positive feelings and be thankful for your blessings and life satisfaction. You can do this silently or out loud, but listen to how it makes you feel.

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Write down things that make you happy

Create a gratitude journal template and take a few minutes each day to write down a list of all the things that make you smile and make life enjoyable for you.


Make gratitude a part of your routine

Make gratitude journaling a part of your daily or weekly routine. Set aside some time to reflect and express your daily gratitude in whatever form works best for you.


Take 5 minutes before bed

Before going to sleep, take five minutes to write down three things that you are thankful for. This could be anything from the people in your daily life to the small moments that made you smile throughout the day.


Do a gratitude walk

Take a few minutes to go for a walk and reflect on all of the things that make your life better, from food and shelter to loved ones and special memories.


Make it part of your conversations

If you find yourself in conversation with someone else, take the opportunity to express your gratitude for the time that you have together.


Write a gratitude letter

Instead of writing in your journal, why not write a letter to someone expressing gratitude, how much you appreciate them and what they mean to you?


Keep a gratitude jar

Start collecting notes or slips of paper with words or phrases that describe something you are grateful for. Put all the papers in a jar and read them whenever you need a reminder of all the things that make life special.


Share your gratitude with others

Talk about the things that you are grateful for with friends and family, or even on social media. Sharing your gratitude can help lift the mood of those around you and spread positive energy throughout your community.

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35 gratitude journal prompts

  1. What were the highlights of your day?
  2. What are 3 things you’re grateful for in your life right now?
  3. What’s something you appreciate about yourself?
  4. Who is someone that has made a positive impact on your life?
  5. What are some small moments from today that made you smile or laugh?
  6. What do you take for granted that you’d like to appreciate more?
  7. Think of a time when something bad happened and what good came from it.
  8. What is a skill or talent you have that you are grateful for?
  9. How has nature brought beauty into your life?
  10. What relationships in your life are you thankful for?
  11. What has been a challenge that you’ve overcome?
  12. How have the people in your life grown or changed for the better?
  13. Who do you admire and why?
  14. When did someone show kindness to you or another person that you’re grateful for?
  15. What is something you have that you are thankful for?
  16. How has failure taught you something valuable?
  17. When was a time when someone sacrificed their own needs to help yours?
  18. In what ways are your friends and family supportive?
  19. What is the last unexpected act of kindness that someone did for you?
  20. What does it feel like to be part of a community or group?
  21. What can you appreciate in your home, no matter where you live?
  22. How has life allowed you to experience joy and happiness?
  23. Think about the people who have inspired you and how they’ve impacted your life.
  24. What is something that you have achieved in the past year that you are proud of?
  25. How has music positively affected your life?
  26. When have been times when luck was on your side?
  27. When did you feel like things were going right?
  28. What book or movie has left you feeling thankful?
  29. How has technology made your life easier?
  30. What is something about yourself that you’re grateful for?
  31. Who has been a mentor to you and how have they made an impact on your life?
  32. What opportunities have come your way recently that you are thankful for?
  33. What are 10 things that you like about your life right now?
  34. When have been times when someone helped you improve in some way?
  35. How has the kindness of strangers changed your day?
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Bottom Line

Gratitude journaling is an easy and effective way to appreciate the people, moments, and small details that make a more meaningful life. 

Taking a few minutes each day on practicing gratitude for what you are thankful for can boost your overall sense of well-being and contentment. Try incorporating some of these gratitude journal ideas and prompts into your daily routine and see how it affects your outlook on life!




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