What Is A Journaling Bible?

What is a journaling Bible

A journaling Bible is a special type of Bible that allows readers to record their thoughts, prayers and reflections in the margins of the text. The idea of combining scripture with personal notes dates back centuries but has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years as people look for deeper ways to engage with the Bible. Journaling Bibles come in a variety of styles from large format to small, and often feature wide margins and blank pages for users to write in. In this guide, we’ll explore what is a journaling Bible and provide some prompts on how to start bible journaling.


What is a journaling Bible?

A journaling Bible is a type of Bible designed to allow bible journalers to record their thoughts, prayers and reflections in the margins or blank pages. 

These Bibles usually feature wide margins and often come with special features such as lined pages, blank pages for writing, ribbon markers and even maps. 

The goal of journaling Bibles is to create a space for people to reflect on the scripture in a meaningful and personal way.


Why journal with a Bible?

Journaling with a Bible allows readers to explore and record scripture in deeper ways than just reading it. Writing in the margins or blank pages of the text helps to engage with the material, making connections between different passages and ideas. 


It’s also an opportunity to record your thoughts, prayers and reflections and tangibly help with bible study. Journaling Bibles can be passed down from generation to generation, preserving the insights and personal stories of your family.


How does Bible journaling help us?

Make connections

Writing in a journaling Bible helps you to make connections between the different passages and ideas by highlighting keywords with colored pencils.

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Develop deeper understanding

Journaling allows you to engage with scripture in a more meaningful way, fostering a deeper understanding of the text.


Improve memory

Writing out the text or specific verses on thin bible pages can help you to remember it better.


Reflect on specific themes or stories

Journaling allows you to focus your thoughts and reflections on a particular theme or story in the Bible.


Record your prayers and requests

Writing in a journaling Bible allows you to record your prayer requests and answer when they are answered.


Document personal insights and revelations

Journaling is a great way to document personal revelations and insights.


Track spiritual life

Recording your thoughts, prayers and reflections allows you to track your spiritual growth over time.


Record meaningful stories or events

Journaling Bibles make a great place to record stories or events that have had an impact on your faith journey.


Pass down teachings from generation to generation

A journaling Bible is a great way to pass down stories and teachings from generation to generation.


Share your faith

Writing in a journaling Bible can be a great way to share your faith journey with others. You can make notes on scripture that you have shared with someone, or give them the Bible as a gift.





40 Bible journal prompts

  1. What does the passage mean to me?
  2. How can I apply this particular verse in my daily life?
  3. What emotions do these verses evoke in me?
  4. In what ways is God speaking to me through this passage?
  5. Do any symbols or images stand out to me in this passage?
  6. What is one lesson I can learn from this passage?
  7. How does this verse fit into the overall narrative of the Bible?
  8. Are there any questions or doubts that arise from this passage?
  9. What promises of God are revealed in this passage?
  10. What do I need to repent for after reading this passage?
  11. Who in my life could be impacted by this passage?
  12. How does this passage challenge me to grow and change?
  13. What commands from God do I see in this passage?
  14. Are there any areas of my life that are mentioned in this passage?
  15. What is one thing I am thankful for after reading this passage?
  16. Are there any warnings or cautions in this passage that I need to be aware of?
  17. How can I encourage someone else through this passage?
  18. What miracles are revealed in this passage?
  19. In what ways is Jesus revealed in this passage?
  20. What comfort does this passage give me?
  21. What is one action step I can take after reading this passage?
  22. Are there any prayers in the Bible that are related to this passage?
  23. How does this passage point me toward Jesus and the holy spirit?
  24. How would my life be different if I lived out what this passage is saying?
  25. Are any characters or stories in the Bible related to this passage?
  26. What joys do I find in this passage?
  27. How does this passage expand my view of God’s love for me?
  28. How can I use this passage as a prayer?
  29. What does this passage teach me about God’s justice?
  30. How can I respond to God’s mercy in light of this passage?
  31. What can I learn from the culture referenced in this passage?
  32. Are there any unanswered questions at the end of this passage that I should explore further?
  33. How has my understanding of this passage changed over time?
  34. What does this passage teach me about perseverance and endurance?
  35. How can I use visuals or other art mediums to express the meaning of this passage?
  36. Are there any lyrics that help me to understand the message of this passage?
  37. What do I need to confess in light of this passage?
  38. How can I use storytelling to explain the meaning of this passage?
  39. What do I need to change in my life after reading this passage?
  40. In what ways does this passage provide hope for the future?
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Bottom line:

Bible journaling is a great and creative way to engage with scripture on a deeper level. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the text, tangibly record your thoughts and prayers, and even pass down stories from generation to generation. 


With Bible journal prompts as your guide, you can explore the scriptures in meaningful and personal ways. With a journaling Bible, the possibilities are endless!


As you grow in faith and understanding, don’t forget to take time to pause and reflect on God’s word. Journaling with a Bible can be a great way to capture these moments of reflection while also deepening your relationship with God. So get your journaling Bible and start exploring the scriptures!



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